“He should play an important role for the team.”

“He should play an important role for the team.”

Hanwha Eagles head coach Kim Kyung-moon has embarked on a project to develop ‘fastball prospect’ Kim Seo-hyun.

Hanwha made changes to its roster for the upcoming game against KT Wiz at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Wednesday. The team added bullpen arms Kim Seo-hyun and Kim Kyu-yeon to the roster and removed Nam Ji-min and Lee Sang-gyu.

Kim Seo-hyun stands out. The No. 1 overall pick in last year’s rookie draft, Kim hasn’t been able to show much of anything, as he’s been hampered by his nagging control issues. She has only appeared in six games this year. His last appearance was on May 19 against the Samsung Lions.

It was his first appearance in the first team since Kim Kyung-moon took over. Kim has been watching Kim Seo-hyun closely since he took over as manager because he has good qualities.

On the second day, he also checked the bullpen pitching.

“In yesterday’s game, we used a lot of pitchers in the 11th inning. So I brought down two pitchers with long pitches and registered Kim Seo-hyun and Kim Kyu-yeon.” “Kim Seo-hyun is going to be used in comfortable situations at first. “At first, she’s going to use it in situations where she’s comfortable. When she gets better, 에볼루션 바카라사이트 she’ll be an important player for the team. I won’t rush her. Once he gains confidence, he can fight with the opponent. Now that he is under us, the team and he can be urgent,” Kim explained.

Kim continued, “I watched the second team pitching on a projection. I also saw him in the bullpen. He’s a good pitcher. He has a good body for throwing the ball. We’ll prepare him calmly, not in a hurry. The first half is over, so hopefully we can stay together in the second half, which will be a plus for our team. We have to think about next year,” he added.

Kim will pitch Seo-hyun Kim against KT in the final game of the first half on March 3 and 4. “If it’s not too tight, I’ll let him say hello to the home fans,” Kim said.

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