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  • Its Resilience is Surprisingly Good Coming Soon Lee So-Young

    Its Resilience is Surprisingly Good Coming Soon Lee So-Young

    Women’s professional volleyball Jeong Kwan-Jang outside hitter Lee So-young is preparing to return.  She underwent rotator cuff surgery on her right shoulder in early April.  Her shoulder ligaments were damaged, and although she had endured constant treatment and rehabilitation, she ended up on the operating table to completely resolve her pain problem. She is 6 […]

  • Its Professional Billiards PBA Opens Huons Championship on the 18th

    Its Professional Billiards PBA Opens Huons Championship on the 18th

    Professional billiards (PBA) resumes after a month. The PBA announced on the 13th that it will hold the Huons PBA-LPBA Championship the fifth tour of the professional billiards PBA-LPBA 2023-24 season, at ‘Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium’ in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do starting on the 18th.  It has been a month since the previous tour, the SY PBA-LPBA […]

  • Its Son Ji-in, A National Rhythmic Gymnast

    ‘The 2nd Son Yeon-jae’ rhythmic gymnast Son Ji-in “I think they look alike” Expectations for AG debut in Hangzhou… “I’ll show you everything” Launching ceremony for SKT-sponsored national players… Faker “I like the unlimited plan” Son Ji-in Son Ji-in (Sejonggo), a national rhythmic gymnast who started 온라인카지노 to draw attention as the ‘second Son Yeon-jae’ […]

  • Seize the Opportunity When Overseas Fans are Slowing Down

    Seize the opportunity when overseas fans are slowing down… The first Taegeuk mark Lee Sun-min and Kim Jun-hong Lee Soon-min, who dreamed of the Taegeuk mark after watching the Qatar World Cup… “Young Gun” Kim Jun-hong said, “I know that I am lacking… My goal is to be recognized by everyone.” Domestic Faction There are […]

  • Its Andy Murray and John Isner in US Open Tennis

    ‘Veteran’ Murray and Isner, US Open Tennis Round 1 Victory Chorus The oldest woman, 43-year-old Williams, was eliminated in the first round… “Retirement? Why ask?” Alkaras Medvedev, etc. Cruise in the 2nd round of winning candidates Murray & Isner Andy Murray (37th, UK), who overcame a hip joint injury, and John Isner (157th, USA), who […]

  • Kim Ha-seong, The Starting Infielder of the San Diego Padres

    Kim Ha-seong, multi-hit in 7 games… Breaking 50 RBIs for 2 consecutive years A big success in the air defense against St. Louis… Walk and sacrificial hit ‘All-around beauty’ San Diego lost after getting a final hit by ‘Korean’ Edmon Kim Ha-seong Ha-seong Kim (27), the starting infielder of the San Diego Padres, reached base […]

  • The US Open Wrapped Up in the Smell of Marijuana

    The US Open wrapped up in the smell of marijuana… “I thought it was Snoop Dogg’s living room” It flows from Court 17 near the park… New York State to Legalize Cannabis in 2021 US Open The organizers of the US Open, the four major tennis tournaments, are struggling with the ‘smell of marijuana’. The […]

  • Its the Professional basketball KCC Busan

    Professional basketball KCC Busan… Since the first year, only DB, LG, and CheongKwanJang have kept the nest. Three basketball teams come and go in Busan alone… kt moved its location 3 times, including the telegraph period Basketball KCC As professional basketball KCC announced its relocation to Busan, it officially became a team that moved its […]