Korean Air, 3.57% Probability of Selecting Foreign Player

Korean Air, 3.57% probability of selecting foreign player first… Yosvani place name

Professional volleyball draft… Last season’s MVP Leo went to Hyundai Capital as the 2nd choice.

Korean Air, the defending champion of the men’s professional volleyball division, beat the odds of 3.57% and selected Yosvani Hernández (registered name: Yosvani) after obtaining the first selection in the foreign player draft.

Korean Air named Yosbani, whose contract renewal was canceled by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, at the 2024 professional volleyball men’s foreign player draft held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 11th.

Yosvani will wear the Korean Air uniform for the first time in four years after the 2020-2021 season. 카지노

Hyundai Capital, which obtained the second-place selection right, selected Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo), the regular league best player (MVP) for the 2023-2024 season, whose contract was not renewed by OK Financial Group.

Next, KEPCO recruited Cuban striker Luis Elian Estrada, who was considered the biggest new player in this draft, and Woori Card called the name of Dutch aposite spiker Michael Ahi.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, ranked 6th, recruited outside hitter Matej Kok, who was out for the season due to an ankle ligament injury while playing for Woori Card last season, and OK Financial Group, which gave up on renewing a contract with Leo, acquired the lowest-ranked selection and selected Italian Manuel Luconi nominated.

Seven men’s teams participated in the foreign player tryout (open selection) held in Dubai starting on the 9th.

On the 10th, the contract renewal deadline, only KB Insurance signed an existing player, Andres Vijena.

And on this day, each club decided on the order of nominations after differentiating the number of beads in reverse order of last season’s rankings.

Last season’s winning team, Korean Air, drew 5 marbles, OK Financial Group 10 marbles, Hyundai Capital 20 marbles, Korea Electric Power Corporation 25 marbles, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 30 marbles, and KB Insurance 35 marbles.

Korean Air, which had the fewest number of marbles, was lucky to get first place, while Hyundai Capital, which put in the third fewest, got second place.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance put in the most balls among the six teams excluding KB Insurance, but was pushed to the bottom.

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