Seongnam FC and Seoul Eland drew 2-2 in match

Seongnam FC and Seoul Eland drew 2-2 in a nail-biting match.

Seongnam and Lee Land played to a 2-2 draw in the sixth round of the Hina Bank K League 2 2024 on Tuesday at Tancheon Sports Complex, exchanging two goals apiece. Seongnam went unbeaten in four matches under acting coach Choi Chul-woo. On the other hand, the hosts have dropped two points in their last four matches after failing to pick up a win.

Seongnam pulled out the 4-3-3 card. Chris Lee, Jeong-Hyeop Lee, and Jung-Hwan Lee formed the back three. Alibayev-Gabriel-Han Seok-jong lined up at the back. Yang Tae-yang-Yoo Sun-Kim Joo-won-Park Kwang-il formed the back four. Yoo Sang-hoon was in goal. Korea lined up with a 3-4-3 defense. Park Jung-in, Kim Yeol, and Lee Dong-yul started in the back three. Park Min-seo, Kim Young-wook, and Peter-Bruno Silva were in the back four. The three backs were Lee In-Jae, Kim Oh-Gyu, and Kim Min-Gyu. Moon Jung-in wore the goalkeeper’s gloves. Osmar was sidelined with a hamstring injury.

It was Eland who created the decisive moment early on.

In the 10th minute, Lee Dong-ryul cut back from Bruno Silva’s pass down the right. The diving Kim Jae-hyun was unable to meet the ball, and the rebound was picked up by Park Jung-in. 안전놀이터 He tried to shoot with his left foot but hit the side netting. Seongnam fought back. In the 12th minute, Gabriel broke through on a counterattack and sent a through ball to Lee Jung-hyeop. Lee In-jae made a great defensive save before Lee Jung-hyeop could get his hands on it. Seongnam missed a crucial chance a minute later. The ball was cleared off a corner kick by Yiland and Seongnam attacked on the counterattack. Lee Jung-hyeop dribbled in alone and found Gabriel running down the left. Gabriel’s shot went just wide of the left side of the goal post.

However, Lee Dong-ryul felt a pain in his hamstring while trying to stop the counterattack. In the 18th minute, Lee made a substitution, taking off Lee Dong-ryul and Kim Yeol, and bringing on Chang Jun and Lee Kom-yeol. In the 19th minute, Lee Myung-wook’s pass from a free-kick opportunity was met with a weak shot by Park Jung-in. In the 20th minute, Lee continued to attack the Seongnam left with a nice pass. The cutback was unfortunately not connected to a shot. Lee Land had shots from Kim Young-wook and Kim Oh-kyu, but they were off target.

With the momentum on their side, Lee Land finally took the lead.

In the 27th minute, Bruno Silva made a strong interception in the midfield. He then used his quick feet to break through and rattled the Seongnam net with a powerful right-footed shot from the right side of the box. In the 33rd minute, Seongnam took off Chris and brought on Lee Jun-sang. In the 39th minute, Bruno Silva made another interception with strong pressure. After breaking through, his left-footed shot hit the side netting. Lee missed a crucial chance just before the end. After an interception, Kim rubberized the ball to Park Jung-in at the no-mark. Park’s shot was saved by goalkeeper Yoo Sang-hoon, and Peter grabbed the rebound and smashed it into the empty net. But it went wide.

Seongnam pushed hard at the start of the second half. In the first minute of the second half, Gabriel broke through after Seongnam pressed hard. The goalkeeper made the save. But Brunosilva turned the tide. In the second minute, Brunosilva stripped a defender on the right side and used his quick feet to beat the keeper. Brunosilva opened the Seongnam goal again with a calm right-footed shot. His second goal of the day. In the sixth minute, Kim Young-wook’s corner kick was headed in by Peter from a no-mark situation. It went just wide.

In the 10th minute, Gabriel showed off a nice individual effort.

He latched onto a cross from the left and tried an overhead kick. It was weak. In the 11th minute, Seongnam won an interception and Han Seok-jong fed Lee Jung-hyeop. Lee’s shot was blocked by the defense. In the 12th minute, Seongnam made a change. They took off Lee Jung-hwan and brought on Huiz and Park Ji-won. In the 13th minute, Lee Land also took off Park Jung-in and put on Park Chang-hwan. Seongnam scored the equalizer. In the 15th minute, Lee Joon-sang fired a powerful right-footed mid-range shoe-v. It was bound and shook the Lee Land goal.

Seongnam, which had gained momentum, pushed hard. Lee Land continued to miss passes in the midfield. After narrowly blocking Seongnam’s offense, Lee Land launched a counterattack. In the 21st minute, Kim Young-wook’s cross found Peter, and after receiving Peter’s pass, Lee Kom-yeol was brought down while trying to break through, but no penalty was called. After an overlapping overlap by Chang Jun, the cutback found the feet of Kim, but his shot went just over the crossbar. In the 23rd minute, Lee Jun-sung tried another powerful right-footed shot. It went over the crossbar. In the 27th minute, Chang Joon-joon’s cross found Park Min-seo running in from the other side, but he couldn’t get a shot off.

In the 28th minute,

Lee made two substitutions, taking off Bruno Silva and Park Min-seo and bringing on Shin Se-gye and Jung Jae-yong. Seongnam also took off Han Seok-jong and Park Kwang-il in the 31st minute and introduced Jung Won-jin and Shin Jae-won. Seongnam went on the offensive, and Lee Myung-bak didn’t falter. In fact, they created chances on the counterattack. In the 37th minute, Jung Jae-yong’s pass through the middle found Peter, 카지노사이트 추천 who was penetrating down the left side. Peter’s left-footed shot went wide of the goal. On the ensuing attack, Seongnam equalized. Park Ji-won headed in a cross from the right side, and Huiz pounced to finish. In the 41st minute, Seongnam had a chance to take the lead. Moon Jung-in was unable to handle a cross and the loose ball fell to Park Ji-won, who hit it towards the empty net. It went just wide.

Lee Land also missed a crucial chance. On the counterattack, Park Chang-hwan had a no-mark opportunity, but his shot was saved by Yoo Sang-hoon. Both teams continued to battle back and forth. In stoppage time, Lee Young-wook’s great cross found a lone Chang-Joon, but he couldn’t get his head on it. Seongnam also had a chance. Huiz and Gabriel had back-to-back chances, but they were blocked by the physical defense of the Iland defense, and the game ended 2-2.

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