“It’s disappointing that we didn’t get a result.”

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t get a result.”

That’s what acting Seongnam FC head coach Choi Chul-woo said. Seongnam and Seoul Eland drew in a hard-fought match. Seongnam and IEland tied 2-2 in the sixth round of the Hina Bank K League 2 2024 at Tancheon Stadium on Tuesday after exchanging two goals apiece. Seongnam went unbeaten in four matches under acting coach Choi Chul-woo. On the other hand, the hosts have now drawn two of their last four matches after missing out on a crucial victory.

In his post-match press conference, Choi said, “We were unprepared at the start of the attack. That led to the two goals. We made a substitution and did what we were doing, but it ended in a tie. I am quite disappointed.” All of the substitutes scored offensive points. 바카라사이트 “Huiz has played full time in the last three games and rotated,” Choi said. Lee Jun-sang is similar. Park Ji-won has a lot of strengths, so we considered him as a substitute.”

Despite the draw, the defense left something to be desired.

“I was angry that we couldn’t overcome their pressure,” Choi said. We need to take the initiative even if we make mistakes, and we emphasized that at the end of the first half. As the second half went on, the things I said came out, so I’m positive about it.”

“Both teams played with great intensity. It’s a shame because I believe in the work that our players have put in, and I know they can get the result.”

On Chris’s early substitution in the first half, he said: “It’s something we’ve been working on in training, and we’ll have another meeting, but we need confidence. We needed to communicate in the tactical part, 사설 토토사이트 so we made an early substitution.” Choi concluded by saying, “After the crisis, we are playing five straight games. I’m focusing on what I can do rather than the soccer I want to play. We conceded a lot of goals, but it will get better over time.”

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