“I never thought about being number one.”

“I never thought about being number one.”

That’s what Suwon Samsung head coach Yi Ki-hoon said.

Suwon Samsung will host the Jeonnam Dragons in the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 on Tuesday at Suwon World Cup Stadium.

It will be their first midweek league game of the season. “We didn’t have much training,” said Yoon. It’s only two days after the match. We focused more on recovery than training. The meeting was a bit long because there was no training. We talked about the buildup process. We focused on how they pressed us. We talked more about how to build up. We practiced it yesterday in rehearsal. Today we worked more on how to solve it,” he said.

Suwon utilizes a 4-2-3-1 tactic. Mulicic will play up front. Son Seok-yong, Tungara, and Kim Joo-chan provide support behind him. Yoo Je-ho and Kim Sang-joon line up in the defensive midfield. 안전놀이터 추천 Park Dae-won Baek Dong-gyu Cho Yoon-seong Lee Si-young are the back four.

Yang Hyung-mo is in goal.

“I think we will continue to need time to find a satisfactory performance. I think we need to improve little by little. We are trying to find what we are good at. We’re trying to find what we’re good at. I think the players will go in the direction we want to go if we solve it. I think there are some things that I am not satisfied with and they are not satisfied with. If we talk about it, I think there are some frustrations. Through communication, we are listening to the players’ difficulties and finding ways to solve them in training and build-up. I hope it will get better little by little.”

Suwon could move up to first place depending on the outcome of today’s match. “I didn’t think about first place. Jeonnam has won three in a row, and they are a good team. I was only thinking about Jeonnam. As long as we play the way we want to play, the results will come later. I think the players will be more confident if we play the way we want to play and we end up on top.”

The opposing team, Jeonnam, has won three straight matches. “We are on the upswing,” said Jeonnam head coach Lee Jang-hwan. The most important goal is to make it four wins in a row.”

Jeonnam will play a 4-1-4-1 formation.

Choi Sung-jin starts up top. Im Chan-ul, Park Tae-yong, Yu Hei, and Noh Gun-woo are in the second line. Kim Jong-pil will play as a one-ball substitute. Kim Ye-seong, Go Tae-won, Yoo Ji-ha, and Kim Yong-hwan are the defenders. Choi Bong-jin will wear the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Lee said, “We talk a lot about our starting lineup, ‘Should we play that player?’ As a coach, it hurts and makes me sad. I want the players to be more motivated. To me, they are the best players in the world. Even if we are having difficulties, they are following us. Every time I hear that, I think we’re getting better,” he said.

“Suwon is a flashy player offensively. He’s a good player in attack, but defensively, organizationally, we know our weaknesses. 무료 슬롯 If we target that, I think we can score more goals, obviously, if we have the lead. But I admit that they are a strong team that can score two or three more goals if they concede or if the momentum changes.”

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