Choi Gyu-byeong Wins 2nd Win at Nongshim Baeksan Mugbo Cup

Choi Gyu-byeong Wins 2nd Consecutive Win by Defeating China’s Qiao Dayuan at Nongshim Baeksan Mugbo Cup

Choi Gyu-byeong, 9th dan,

won two games in a row at Nongshim Baeksan Mugeo.

Gyu-byeong Choi was defeated by China’s 9th dan Cao Da-yuan in 190 moves in the 2nd round final round of the 1st Nongshim Baeksan Mugwan World Baduk Senior Tournament held in Shanghai, China on the 19th.

Choi Gyu-byeong, who also won in the 4th round of the finals held in October last year,

achieved two consecutive wins and created an advantageous position for Korea to win. 파워볼사이트

Choi Gyu-byeong, who took the white lead on this day,

destroyed the black camp in the battle on the right side,

establishing a favorable situation for him.

Afterwards, he easily outpaced Cao Dayuan’s pursuit and received a petition.

Thanks to Choi Kyu-byeong’s performance, Korea was left with three players,

including 9th dan Cho Hoon-hyeon and Yoo Chang-hyuk.

Only two people each survived, including 9th dan Nie Weiping and Ma Xiaochun from China,

and 9th dan Masaki Takemiya and Norimoto Yoda from Japan.

Gyu-Byeong Choi will face Japan’s Takemiya 9th Dan in the 6th round of the finals held on the 20th.

The prize money for winning the Baeksan Cup,

a senior national competition for professional players born before 1969, is 180 million won.

A player who wins three games in a row will receive a prize of 5 million won.

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