Yoo Byung-moo, who wants to be like Kim Seon-hyung

“My strengths are quick penetration and passes to the outside. “My shooting is a little bit bad, so I need to improve my shooting.”

Gwangju High School is conducting winter training at various locations due to the construction of the school gym. Following January, the team will return to Jeju Island in February to play practice games against Konkuk University, Sangmyung University, and Jeju Dong Middle School.

“I started playing basketball when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school,” said Yoo Byeong-moo, whom I met after a practice game with Jeju Dong Middle School on the morning of the 23rd. “There was a basketball team at Usan Elementary School, and I started because the guys I saw playing basketball while passing by the auditorium were cool. I did it because I wanted to be like that, and I think it’s cool too (laughs). “I think the determination to work hard and take on challenges is great,” he said.

When asked about what he trained during his winter training, Byungmu Yoo said, “I focused on defense. He tries to play fast basketball. “It worked out well because my colleagues all worked hard together,” he said. “My manager and coach also gave me good advice. “I feel like I have improved and grown by being a force to my colleagues,” he said.

During his winter training period, he had numerous practice games with various teams from middle school, high school, and college.

Yoo Byeong-moo said, “When we had practice games with universities, they were better physically and technically, so there were many areas where they were better than us. So, when we played a practice game with a university, we did it with the mindset of challenging ourselves,” he said. “When we played against a high school, we went into it with the mindset of trying to win because we were the opponents.”

When asked about his pros and cons, Byung-Moo Yoo said, “My strengths are quick penetration and passes to the outside,” and “I have to improve my shooting because my shooting is a bit bad. I go out and train hard even at night, but it doesn’t work out well. “Still, I try to improve,” he explained.

Yoo Byung-moo said, “I want to become a player with perseverance and determination in the future,” and added, “I like Kim Seon-hyung. He likes playing fast basketball like Kim Seon-hyung. Kim Seon-hyung was also the reason I started liking basketball. He hoped, “I will improve my 3-point shooting earlier than Kim Seon-hyung.”

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