QTech Games announces partnership with AD LUNAM

Games distributor across all emerging markets QTech Games announced its latest premium partnership with AD LUNAM, the thriving arcade genre from award-winning 1X2 Network’s portfolio of igaming brands.

This deal sees yet another state-of-the-art igaming arsenal launch a series of diverse and differentiated games, focused on the casual player.

AD LUNAM is committed to delivering never-before-seen gaming content that will appeal to the current generations of online gamblers who demand more from their gaming experiences. With a dedication to innovation and intuitive-yet-bold mechanics, this studio is aimed at revolutionizing the igaming in a manner that matches up perfectly with QTech Games’ all-encompassing reach across Asia and other emerging markets.

As part of the expanding 1X2 Network, AD LUNAM represents another product-range extension for its parent company, sitting alongside more established studio brands, like 1X2 Gaming (retail) and Iron Dog Studio (premium video slots), as a key component of 1X2 Network’s wider multi-studio strategy.

AD LUNAM will elevate the depth and breadth of arcade-style options on offer to QTech Games’ partners via a new range of games, non-traditional concepts and branded content offerings. Games produced by this studio will feature trending franchises like “crash” games, whereby a scale of multiplier begins growing and players must test their nerve to “cashout” before a random end-game event happens.

“AD LUNAM’s thirst for varied state-of-the-art content is unquenchable, and the recent launch of the Maverick series bears fitting tribute to that fact,” said Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games. “They’ve got our top operator partners covered for the in-demand arcade gaming vertical, wherever they set their scene on the worldwide stage. Together, we can continue to raise the bar and shape a localized experience for global players across varied cultures. We can’t wait to see how these games perform across a range of untapped markets.”

Originating in the video-gaming industry, this format has become increasingly popular in digital and crypto casinos, due to its simplicity and exciting user experience. These games combine components of video games and social media with “smart” gamification features, making for a deeper, more immersive journey. Self-evidently, offering a totally different experience from other games because it is interactive. Players enjoy becoming active participants by making their own decision to cashout at the right time. This genre adds a feeling of first-person control, coupled to a blended betting and video-slot experience. And as a result, these games now boast the highest conversion rates from the next generation of player types, particularly millennials.

AD LUNAM will also showcase a suite of engaging digital content that delivers sought-after social, multiplayer and arcade-quality gameplay to allow the next igaming generation to play on their preferred terms across QTech Games’ patchwork multiplicity of territories which demand their own solution for player-proclivities.

As the fastest-growing distributor in Asia in recent history, QTech’s platform boasts the broadest gaming portfolio around, localized for each region, with native mobile apps, powerful reporting and marketing tools, and 24/7 local-language support.

“We’ve been thrilled to see such amazing uptake of our flagship game Maverick since we launched earlier in the year,” said Alex Ratcliffe, CPO at 1X2 Network. “We said on launch that we built Maverick based on the feedback of operators and the follow-up Maverick X was created with the same mindset. It’s great to see a platform with such a wide and trusted distributional scope as QTech Games’ extending AD LUNAM’s global reach. We have a growing pipeline of arcade and alternative games that I’m sure their clients’ expansive demographics will enjoy.”

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