Kim Ha-seong, The Starting Infielder of the San Diego Padres

Kim Ha-seong, multi-hit in 7 games

Breaking 50 RBIs for 2 consecutive years

A big success in the air defense against St. Louis…

Walk and sacrificial hit ‘All-around beauty’

San Diego lost after getting a final hit by ‘Korean’ Edmon

Kim Ha-seong

Ha-seong Kim (27), the starting infielder of the San Diego Padres,

reached base three times and reached 50 RBIs for the second year in a row. 카지노사이트

Kim Ha-seong started as the first batter and second baseman in the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB)

visiting game against the St. Louis Cardinals held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on the 30th (Korean time),

getting 2 hits in 3 at-bats, 1 walk, 1 RBI, and 1 goal. acted as

He had a multi-hit (two or more hits in one game) in seven games

since the match against the Miami Marlins on the 24th, continued on-base record in 11 consecutive games.

Batting Average

Ha-seong Kim’s batting average for the season rose slightly from 0.274 to 0.276.

Kim Ha-seong hit the middle left with the start of the game.

St. Louis starting pitcher Jack Thompson‘s second pitch to the body was well removed.

After that, he settled on second base when Juan Soto’s surprise bunt, stepped on third base due to the catcher’s bad throw to first base.

Ha-seong Kim’s helmet came off in the process of sliding to second base,

but he didn’t care and ran.

1st Goal

Kim Ha-seong scored the first goal by stepping home

on Fernando Tatis Jr.’s sacrifice fly to right field.

He retired with a ground ball to third base in the top of the 3rd inning when he was leading 1-0,

but in the top of the 4th inning when the score was 2-2,

he walked and succeeded in getting on base multiple times.

He endured a high-cut fastball on the 6th pitch well

after a full count game from 1 out and 1 base.

The second hit was produced in the sixth inning, leading 4-2.

Against Pitcher Lawrence

Kim Ha-seong made a lucky infield hit against pitcher Casey Lawrence,

who had changed from first out and second base.

He touched the ball high in a full-count game,

the ball rolled slowly through the opposing team’s infielders.

In the meantime, Kim Ha-seong stepped on first base with quick feet and became an infield hit.

However, he could not hit home due to the silence of the follow-up line.


Ha-seong Kim also scored a valuable RBI in the beginning of the 8th inning, leading 4-3.

He hit a big ball to left field from 1st, 1st and 3rd base, and at this time,

the runner on 3rd stepped on the groove and became a sacrifice hit.

Kim Ha-seong, who had 49 RBIs before the game, filled the season with 50 RBIs.

He posted 59 RBIs last year.

Kim Ha-seong also shone in defense.

In the bottom of the first inning,

he ran and caught the lead hitter Richie Palacius’ deep batted ball toward second base,

then twisted his body and threw it right away to catch the batter runner.

Tommy Hyun-soo Edmon

San Diego was unfortunately defeated despite Kim Ha-sung’s great performance.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, leading 5-3,

they gave up two runs to tie the game, and in the bottom of the 10th inning,

half-Korean player Tommy Hyun-soo Edmon,

who came out as a pinch hitter, got a final hit and lost 5-6.

Edmund played as a keystone combination

with Kim Ha-seong and the Korean national team

at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in March of this year.

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