Its the Professional basketball KCC Busan

Professional basketball KCC Busan… Since the first year, only DB, LG, and CheongKwanJang have kept the nest.

Three basketball teams come and go in Busan alone…

kt moved its location 3 times, including the telegraph period

Basketball KCC

As professional basketball KCC announced its relocation to Busan, it officially became a team that moved its nest twice.

The club, which was located in Daejeon during the days of its predecessor, Hyundai Gulliver, was acquired by KCC in 2001 and pointed out Jeonju as the land of a new start. 카지노사이트

However, 22 years later, after experiencing friction with Jeonju City due to various issues such as a newly built gymnasium, they eventually made a ‘Busan’ trip on the 30th.

In fact, in KBL, more teams have moved their nests than teams that have stayed in one place.

Since 1997

the first year of professional basketball, the only teams with the same hometown are Wonju DB,

Changwon LG, and Anyang Jeong-Kwan-Jang (former KGC Ginseng Corporation).

Excluding Goyang Sono, a new team that announced a break with the history of Orion and Day One, all six teams left their old home at least once.

Suwon kt originally started in Gwangju.

The team that competed in the first year of professional basketball in 1997 under the name Gwangju Nasan headed to Yeosu in 2000,

which was acquired by Gold Bank.

In 2003

during Korea Tender, I went to Busan again.

It used Geumjeong Gymnasium as its home stadium, but was taken over by KTF (now kt) due to financial difficulties of the parent company.

However, the city of Busan and the club were at odds with each other over the practice field, but were unable to narrow their differences.


When KBL announced the local settlement system in June 2017, the practice field and home stadium were placed in the same area until the 2023-2024 season.

KT’s training ground is in Suwon,

so it was in a position to find a new place in Busan, but after friction with the local government,

it was decided to move to Suwon in 2021.

Local fans were shocked because the change of ointment took place after 18 years of coming to Busan.


Similarly, Orions’ Go Yang-haeng is cited as a representative example of a transfer that left regret in the hearts of fans.

Orions, who had been breathing with fans in Daegu since the first year of professional basketball, suddenly ran to Goyang, Gyeonggi-do in 2011.

At the time, the club said, “The results were so bad for 3-4 years, and Goyang City actively wanted to attract it, so I thought it was the right time to transfer the ointment.”

The city side also poured out harsh expressions such as “betrayal and disloyalty.”

The team, which was later renamed ‘Orion’, operated until 2022.

Day One Asset Management

Later, the team was acquired by Day One Asset Management, which advocated a rare management method,

with a specialized operating corporation called Day One Sports, and Orion’s history was also cut off.

Day One was expelled from professional basketball in June after financial difficulties and wage arrears, the newly emerged Sono International took over the team that had no place to go.

The rest of the teams also moved their ointment once.

Seoul Samsung and Seoul SK left Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, and Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province in 2001 to settle in Seoul.

Ulsan Hyundai

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis was originally located in Busan.

This team also moved to Ulsan in 2001 during the days of Kia Enterprise.

With the move of KCC this time, Busan has become a city where only three professional basketball teams have come and gone.

Busan, where Hyundai Mobis worked with local fans from 1997 to 2001 and kt from 2003 to 2021,

will embrace KCC players from this year.

Korea Gas Corporation

Incheon ET Land, the predecessor of Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu, could have been on the list of ‘teams that kept the connection’ if the parent company did not give up its operation.

However, as E-Land, which had suffered financial difficulties,

handed over the club to Korea Gas Corporation in 2021,

the ointment also changed.

Korea Gas Corporation, which inherited the history of E-Land,

chose Daegu as its new home.

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