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  • Seize the Opportunity When Overseas Fans are Slowing Down

    Seize the opportunity when overseas fans are slowing down… The first Taegeuk mark Lee Sun-min and Kim Jun-hong Lee Soon-min, who dreamed of the Taegeuk mark after watching the Qatar World Cup… “Young Gun” Kim Jun-hong said, “I know that I am lacking… My goal is to be recognized by everyone.” Domestic Faction There are […]

  • Lee Chun-Soo Meets Ronaldinho…”My brother is the No. 1 ugly soccer player”

    Former national soccer player Lee Chun-soo talks to Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho. On March 30, the 토토 EA Sports FIFA Online 4 YouTube channel released a video of an interview with Ronaldinho, who recently visited Korea. “Probably Korea is one of the most welcoming places in the world for me,” Ronaldinho said. I’m very happy […]