Nahye-sung, the shield of positivity protecting the rear of Sungkyunkwan-dae “I want to win all my remaining matches”

The team’s captain and shield, Na Hye-sung, is bringing positivity to the team.

Sungkyunkwan University defeated Kyunghee University 3-1 (26-28, 25-16, 25-20, 29-27) in straight sets on the third day of the Men’s National University Volleyball Danyang Group A match at the 2024 Korean Air Volleyball National Championship Danyang at the Danyang National Sports Center on Saturday. The team started the match on a low note, losing the deuce in the first set, but gained the upper hand in the second, third, and fourth sets with better error management and attacking precision to complete the 스포츠토토사이트 three-game win streak.

Sungkyunkwan’s captain, Na Hye-sung (L, 180 cm), a senior, has played a big role in the team’s winning streak. As a senior and captain, she actively leads her teammates on the court and brings energy to the team when the mood is low. She also works hard at her job as a libero. She was second in the U-League in digs last season and is a strong back row defender.

Speaking to after defeating Kyung Hee University, Na Hye Sung said, “It feels good to win. All three matches we’ve played so far, including this one, have been difficult, but Coach Kim Seok-bae gave us confidence by saying, ‘You’re going to win anyway, so take it easy,’ and we were able to finish well,” she said, giving credit to Coach Kim for the victory.

As Na said, Sungkyunkwan University is on a three-game winning streak, but every game has been a battle. Maintaining focus and energy levels was key. “I tried to give the players positive energy by telling them to focus on the next play even if they made mistakes, and to try to do better because I will help them a lot,” she said, explaining her role as captain.

“As a captain, they always tell me to lead the players well, and they also tell me to shout a lot on the court. When it comes to playing, they only tell me how to catch the ball,” she said, explaining that Shin and Kim emphasize the role of non-playing aspects. On the one hand, she felt that this was possible because she was already technically compliant.

We also talked more about Nahae Sung and her match against Kyung Hee University. “We’ve played a lot of practice matches with Kyung Hee University, so it feels like we know each other to a certain extent,” she said, adding, “They’re a tall team, so it’s essential for me to cover the offense against bouncing balls. I told our attackers to push hard and not to be afraid because I will cover them,” she said, revealing that she focused on attack coverage to support her teammates.

After returning to Sungkyunkwan University after a stint in the V-League, Eddie has been leading the team with his strong play in this match and throughout the three-game winning streak. Captain Na Hye-sung is also happy to have Eddie back. “We prepared for the season with the belief that we could do well even without Eddie,” he said, “so having him back is a huge boost. When he is receiving, I try to take the pressure off of him by taking more coverage,” he said.

As a fourth-year player, Na will participate in the upcoming 2024-2025 V-League Rookie Draft. Naturally, she’s nervous. “Until winter break, I didn’t think much about it, but nowadays, I sometimes dream about going to the draft (laughs). “I think it’s a little bit of a burden,” said Na Hye-sung, who shared her honest story, “but I’m going to do my best to remain a good libero on the court until the end. I’ll also work hard to lead the team as a captain. I want to win all the remaining matches at Sungkyunkwan University,” she said, revealing her proud captain’s side.

Na doesn’t have much time left on the court in a Sungkyunkwan University uniform, and she is determined to do everything she can in her remaining time to leave no regrets and fulfill her dream of making her professional debut.

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