Inha University wins three straight without a set! Sungkyunkwan University also wins three straight, Chosun University records first win of the tournament

Inha University and Sungkyunkwan University are in great form.

The third day of Group A Men’s College Volleyball Danyang at the 2024 Korean Air Volleyball National Championship got underway at the Danyang National Sports Center on the 26th. The matches through the second day have exposed the strength and condition of each team in the tournament to a certain extent, and the rankings are gradually emerging as some teams have won three in a row and others have lost three in a row.

The first match of the day was the Group A match between Myongji University and Kyungpook National University. The first game, which was highly anticipated as a matchup between Woo Woo-sung and Choi Won-bin, two of the best setters in college volleyball, was fiercely contested from the first set. Choi Won-bin improved her form in the second half of the set, when she was suffering from indecisiveness despite making good 메이저 토토사이트 passes, and managed to create a deuce tiebreak.

However, it was Myeongji Lee Yoon-jae who ended the deuce. At 27-26, he converted a high ball. Myungji University continued to put pressure on Kyungdae in the second set and won the set by 10 points. The third set was close until the end as the teams split, but in the end, another deuce tiebreak gave Myungji University the upper hand and a shutout win (28-26, 25-15, 27-25).

The second match was a Group A match between Jungbu University and Hanyang University. From the very beginning of the match, Joongbu University was in a good mood as Kim Yo-han’s serve gave them the momentum. The stability of Oh Jung-taek and Kang Sun-gyu from the back row was also impressive. Hanyang University, on the other hand, faltered as the firepower of Song Won-joon and the height of Lim Dong-gyun and Lee Joon-young, who stood out in the last match, failed to show their strength.

However, in the second set, Hanyang University, where Jang Bo-seok and Song Won-joon started to come alive, pushed Jungbu back and succeeded in fighting back. Hanyang took the third set, which became the crucial set in the match, by winning the battle of rally concentration, and the fourth set was also won with a solid comeback from the 20-point range to secure the final victory (12-25, 25-19, 25-21, 25-23).

The third match was the Group B match between Chungnam National University and Inha University. Chungnam started off the match well, scoring the first eight points, but Inha University quickly capitalized on its weight advantage to put pressure on Chungnam. After winning the first set with Lee Jae-hyun’s serve, Inha University continued to dominate in the second set with Bae Hae-chan-sol’s fluent game management. Chungnam National University also fought back with Shin Dong-gun and Jeon Woo-joon, but fell one step short of winning the set.

In the third set, Chungnam University, which had been playing well until the early 10s, faltered sharply when Choi Jun-hyuk scored consecutive points on his serve, and Inha University, which did not miss the opportunity, took the lead until Seo Won-jin’s block. The ending of the third set was the same as the first set. Lee Jae-hyun’s serve ended the match (25-20, 25-20, 25-17).

In the fourth match, Kyunghee University and Sungkyunkwan University faced off in Group B. Starting middle blocker Cho Jin-seok grabbed a block to open the set, and at 8-8, he performed well by blocking Eddie’s fastball. However, Sungkyunkwan University fought back with a variety of attacking options, and the game remained close. In the end, Kyunghee University won the first set with a deuce. At 27-26, one-point server Lee Joo-heon scored on his serve. However, in the second set, a desperate Sungkyunkwan University dominated from the beginning of the set and overpowered Kyung Hee University. The third set also went according to Sungkyunkwan University’s pace. With Eddie on the receiving end, they had an edge over Kyung Hee University in terms of the sophistication of their play.

Sungkyunkwan won the third set, but the early flow of the fourth set was again in favor of Kyung Hee University. Ma Yun-seo’s serve at 10-7 was decisive, but Sungkyunkwan University fought back with Eddie’s firepower and reached match point at 23-24 after a series of unforced errors by Kyung Hee University. Kyung Hee University self-destructed as they struggled to manage their deuces, and Sungkyunkwan University took the final victory (26-28, 25-16, 25-20, 29-27).

The final match of the day was a Group B clash between Chosun University and Pusan National University. It was a desperate match as both teams were on a losing streak and looking for their first win. The first set went in favor of Chosun University, which easily broke through the Gyeongsangnam-do’s defense, which was still without Kim Jun-seo. Coach Lee Dong-yup tried to make a change in the second set by substituting Moon Si-hoon, but the flow of the match was still in Joseon’s favor, and the gap widened to take the second set.

In the third set, Gyeongsang National University was evenly matched until the mid-10s. However, Chosun University pushed Gyeongsangnam National University back with alternating attacks from Kim Kwang-hyun, Lee Jun-seok, and Kim Hyun-dong, and kept up the pressure late in the set to take the third set (25-17, 25-14, 25-20) for their first win of the tournament.

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