Suwon FC head coach Choi Soon-ho explains why he signed Son Junho

After being detained by Chinese authorities for 10 months, Son Junho, 32, is returning to the professional ranks in a Suwon FC jersey.

Suwon FC announced on Thursday that it has signed Son Junho.

Suwon FC did not disclose the terms of the contract. It is reported that the contract was signed for a reasonable amount of money, rather than the top-level K League 1 salaries that have been circulating in the soccer world.

Son Jun-ho was expected to join his former team, Jeonbuk. Not only did Jeonbuk provide him with a place to work out after his return to Korea, but they also went out of their way to sign him. Jeonbuk was in talks with Son until recently, but ultimately gave up.

“We heard that the contract negotiations between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Son Junho had become difficult, so we tried to sign him,” Choi Soon-ho, the head coach of Suwon FC, told reporters. “We wanted to open the way for a junior who was having a hard time as a footballer, and he showed his sincere desire to play.”

“We don’t think the risk surrounding Son Junho will be a big problem,” he added.

“Son Junho is definitely a top-class midfielder who can help the team,” said Suwon FC head coach Kim Eun-joong, adding, “We will think about how to utilize him in our team.”

Son Jun-ho has found his footing with Suwon FC. He was detained at Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai, China, in May of last year and investigated by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province for “bribery of a non-state worker” (a person who belongs to an enterprise or other unit other than a government organization illegally 메이저사이트 exchanged property with another person using the convenience of his official duties).

After the expiration of his criminal detention (temporary detention), which was converted to an arrest investigation, Son Junho was returned to China on March 27 after being investigated by the public security bureau.

However, it is unclear what he was specifically charged with or what the Chinese authorities decided to do with his release. Even 토토사이트 추천 when he met with reporters in April, when asked about what exactly happened in China, he avoided answering immediately, saying, “It’s hard to talk about that part…” and emphasized that “everything has been resolved.”

As a result, Son Junho was highly sought after ahead of the summer transfer market, which opened on Tuesday, but reportedly had difficulty negotiating with clubs.

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