Tottenham prepare to terminate Tanguy Ndombele’s contract

Club record’ KRW 92.5 billion, annual salary KRW 10.9 billion

Tottenham Hotspur plans to terminate the contract with Tanguy Ndombele, who paid the club the highest transfer fee and huge salary in the club’s history.
The British Evening Standard reported on June 11, 2024, “Tottenham is hoping to terminate the contract with Ndombele.

Ndombele’s existing contract runs until the summer of 2025.
However, Tottenham is currently discussing with Ndombele to complete the contract smoothly,” the report said.

Ndombele left Olympique Lyonnais and wore a Tottenham uniform in the summer of 2019.
At the time, Tottenham spent 62 million euros (about 92.5 billion won), the highest transfer fee in the club’s history.

However, Ndombele, who joined Tottenham, showed only disappointing performances.
His performance was also below expectations, and his unprofessional and insincere attitude was a problem.

In addition to criticism from fans, coaches also did not use Ndombele.
With his position narrowed, he went on loan to his home team Lyon in the second half of the 2021-22 season.

However, even after returning to Tottenham, there was no place for him to play, and he moved to Naples on loan last season.
Ndombele played as a rotation resource in Naples.

He appeared in 30 Italian Serie A matches (8 as a starter, 22 as a substitute), helping Napoli win the league title.
He returned to Tottenham, but there was a change in the team.

Coach Enze Postecoglou was appointed as the new head coach.
And coach Potescoglu said at his inauguration press conference: “Ndombele is currently training well. He is clearly a very talented player.”

But the two people were not together.
The coaching staff, including coach Postekoglu, expressed dissatisfaction with Ndombele’s attitude during the pre-season and classified him as for sale.

In the process, Galatasaray expressed interest and the lease was concluded.
Ndombele, who joined a new team on loan again, finished the season without a twist.

He did not receive many opportunities, and it was reported that the reason was because he did not manage his weight, leaving him unfit to play.

In relation to this, global media outlet said, “Galatasaray coach is frustrated with Ndombele’s condition.
“Ndombele was criticized for ordering a hamburger despite the coach’s instructions to lose weight,” he said.

Galatasaray were disappointed with Ndombele’s unprofessional attitude and did not activate their permanent transfer option.
Tottenham set a goal of disposing of Ndombele this summer.

He was originally contracted until the summer of 2025, but is expected to become a free agent at this time.
As a result, Tottenham suffered enormous losses.

Not only did they invest the highest transfer fee in the club’s history to recruit Ndombele, but the annual salary expenditure was also significant.
According to the British Daily Mail, Ndombele’s annual salary is 6.24 million pounds (about 10.9 billion won).

Galatasaray, a recent loan club, covered part of his salary, but he pocketed over 25 million pounds (about 43.8 billion won) during his four years with Tottenham.

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