Minjae Kim – Upamecano pushed aside and singled out

Der Licht has dismissed transfer speculation as he takes over the starting center back position.

“Mateusz Der Licht is unhappy at Bayern Munich and has dismissed rumors that he could leave the club this summer,” British outlet 90min reported on Wednesday (Aug. 22).

Last month, reports emerged that the Germany international was unhappy with his role under Thomas Tuchel after being dropped from the starting lineup and that Arsenal and Manchester United were keen on him.

However, Der Licht has since regained his place in the starting lineup alongside Dier, pushing Kim Minjae and Upamecano out of the way, and in an interview with Dutch outlet Boutbal International, he explained that he has no plans to leave the club in the near future.

“If I don’t play, it immediately creates a link that I’m not happy and want to leave,” Der Licht said. Of course, there were games I wanted to play, but I have no reason to complain. I’m still enjoying my time at Bayern Munich and I’ve been playing again recently. I know what the reality is, so I don’t let rumors drive me crazy,” he said.

“I’ve started 10 of the last 12 games and I’m feeling very good because I think I’m getting more and more fit. Of course, it’s very annoying because I started the season with an injury. I needed time to come back and then I had a knee injury. As a result, I missed a lot of games, and at a club like Bayern Munich I had to compete with a lot of world-class players,” he added.

He concluded: “We have so many top players around us and they are all ready to play. It’s not a given that when you’re out with an injury and you’re fit again, you can go straight back into the starting lineup. If the team is doing well and results are good, you have to be patient again and 안전놀이터 wait for your chance. Since January I’ve been fully fit again. I feel good, I have secured my place in the team and I am doing my best.”

Der Licht anchored the Upamecano and Munich defense last season, but the arrival of Kim Min-Jae and injuries this season saw him play sparingly in November and December, and it looked like he was losing his place to Kim and Upamecano, but Kim’s participation in the Asian Cup in January saw him start to link up with Upamecano and Dyer.

Kim Min-jae returned to the team on February 19 (KST) against Bochum and has since shared the starting spot with Dyer, who has now started three games in a row, starting against Lazio.

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