‘Data’ has proven itself.

‘Data’ has proven itself.

Enze Postecoglou took the helm of Tottenham Hotspur in July of last year, making his debut in the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023-2024 season, and has already been labeled a “mastermind” after less than a season, thanks to his signature attacking style of soccer and uncompromising leadership. Although the club currently sits in fifth place in the league (44 points), outside of the top four for UEFA Champions League qualification, Postecoglou’s leadership is highly regarded. He is also very popular with South Korean soccer fans, especially with his captain, Son Heung-min.

Postecoglou’s skills are backed up by concrete numbers. A sports data analytics company ranked the EPL managers’ leadership skills this season, and Postecoglou was ranked third.

‘New data reveals the best performing managers in the EPL this season,’ the Daily Mail reported on July 7 (KST), 바카라사이트 referring to the findings of sports data analytics firm TwentyFirst Group.

The EPL is currently in a tight race for the top spot as the season draws to a close

Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool lead the league with 51 points, followed by last season’s treble winners Man City with 49 points. Third-place Arsenal also has 49 points. Unai Emery’s Aston Villa round out the ‘top four’ with 46 points. Tottenham is fifth, two points behind, and Eric ten Haag’s Manchester United is sixth (38 points).

However, the club’s results don’t necessarily reflect the manager’s leadership. The Daily Mail cites TwentyFirst Group’s analysis of performance data as evidence. According to this, Emery is the best manager in the EPL at the moment. Since taking over from Steven Gerrard in November 2022, Emery has led Aston Villa from mid-table to the top of the league. In particular, this season, he improved the club’s chances of qualifying for the Champions League by a whopping 55%.

While Klopp, who shockingly announced his intention to leave Liverpool at the end of the season, is ranked as the second best manager, Tottenham’s Postecoglou is ranked third. Postecoglou was rated seventh among the 20 EPL managers when he joined the club, with an overall rating of 59.4. However, after 23 games, he has improved his rating by 8.8 points. Most notably, he has improved Tottenham’s chances of qualifying for the UCL by a whopping 40% this season. 안전 토토사이트 This means that Postecoglou is the third-best manager in terms of performance this season, behind only Emery and Klopp.

On the other hand, Van Gaal was only ranked 13th. That’s 3.2 points worse than what was expected at the start of the season. That’s a disappointing display of leadership. Mauricio Pochettino, who returned to the EPL as Chelsea manager, was ranked 16th. He lost 6.4 points in his rating over the course of the season.

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