“I’m trying to catch him, but there’s a big gap.”

“I’m trying to catch him, but there’s a big gap.”

SSG Landers’ only internal free agent negotiations. Contract discussions with catcher Kim Min-sik have stalled without much progress.

SSG, which is ranked second overall in the salary cap based on the top 40 salaries for the 2023 season, has not made any external reinforcements. SSG, which is feeling a lot of pressure on its salary cap due to its high-paid players, has been making moves to reduce its overall roster, including removing Choi Joo-hwan, who was signed as a free agent three years ago, from the second round draft protection list.

This year, the team has only one internal free agent, Kim Min-sik. The SSG organization has consistently publicly stated that they want to keep Kim Min-sik, and there is a strong consensus that he should stay. However, the difference of opinion has not been narrowed down. Currently, 토토사이트 negotiations for Kim’s free agency are ongoing, with SSG representatives and Kim’s agent in contact.

It’s not that they haven’t talked.

From the beginning, the club told Kim Min-sik’s agent about the club’s opinions and plans. Afterward, the negotiations resumed when the agent contacted them, and then they were silent again. However, the negotiating window remained open, and the club remained firm on the idea that they would never say anything to provoke Kim Min-sik.

The only reason for this is the internal evaluation of Kim Min-sik. Since leaving the team in a trade and coming back in a trade, Min-sik has been praised for his personality and attitude that fits in well with the team, and with Lee Jae-won looking for a new team after requesting his release, SSG is hoping that Min-sik will be able to provide the centerpiece without a veteran catcher.

However, negotiations have been stalled. SSG has made several revisions. First, they talked about the baseline they had set, and then they revised it to meet Kim Min-sik’s demands. Even in the midst of the difficulties, I could feel their willingness to work out the contract. When asked about the progress, the club officials were careful to answer every single word. They didn’t want to mislead the player and make things go wrong.

The year passed.

At the end of the year, SSG proposed an amendment, and Kim Min-sik’s side responded on the 4th, about two weeks later, and delivered the contract terms they were demanding again. This meant that the club could not accept the proposed amendment. The club gave feedback on the 8th.

“We need Kim Min-sik, and we’re trying to get him, but there seems to be a big gap. We are not willing to overpay,” is SSG Landers’ position at this point.

Negotiators are in a difficult position. A year ago, they offered Kim Min-sik a non-free agent multi-year contract, which was on the verge of closing, but it fell through, and since then, he has declared free agency and is being evaluated by the market.

The SSG players will depart for the first camp in Florida on the 25th. There is still quite a bit of time left, 토토사이트 순위 but given the pace of progress so far, it is not guaranteed that an agreement will be reached before then.

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