Can Samsung’s new outsider one-two punch erase the Buchanan void?

David Buchanan, who served as Samsung’s ace for four years from 2020, has left the team. The team tried to re-sign Buchanan after four years of steady performance, but he was unable to stay with the team due to the foreign player salary cap. Instead, Connor Seabold and Denny Reyes are the newest additions to the Samsung roster.

Born in 1996, Seabold is a right-handed orthodox right-hander with excellent hardware at 6-foot-2, 188 pounds who has played for the Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies. He made 27 starts for Colorado last year, going 1-7 with a 7.52 ERA and 1.65 WHIP in 87 1/3 innings, and was 13-7 with a 4.13 ERA and 1.24 WHIP in Triple-A.

Seabold has a strong fastball that averages in the high 90s, along with a changeup, slider, 안전놀이터 and a complete arsenal of offspeed pitches. “He has excellent command of the left and right sides of the strike zone, and we expect him to be a key part of the Samsung starting rotation this season with his strong command of his pitches and stable delivery,” said a team representative.

Born in 1996, Reyes is considered to be a competitive pitcher in the KBO

Which is dominated by left-handed hitters due to his outstanding physical attributes at 193 centimeters tall and 115 kilograms.

He appeared in nine games (three starts) in the major leagues last year with the New York Mets and has pitched 91⅔ innings in 20 games (18 starts) in the minor leagues. He has a fastball that averages 147 mph and tops out at 150 mph, a slider, changeup, cutter, and a variety of other pitches that are optimized for robotic umpiring.

His WHIP and BB/9, two of the most important indicators of a pitcher’s reliability, are excellent. In the minor leagues, Reyes has a career WHIP (walks allowed per inning) of 1.13 and a BB/9 (walks allowed per nine innings) of 1.6.

With the departure of Buchanan, the team’s ace for four years, the roles of Seabold and Reyes have become even more important. There are many who are concerned about Buchanan’s absence. “I really wanted Buchanan to stay with us, but it didn’t work out that way, so we have to do the best we can with what we have,” said Lee Jong-yeol.

Samsung will accelerate the arrival of Seabold and Reyes

Who will make or break the Samsung starting lineup this season, so that they can acclimate to the domestic scene. Instead of joining the team in Okinawa, Japan, the plan is to have them join the players who are training independently at Daegu Samsung Lions Park and then travel with the team to Okinawa, Japan.

Manager Lee Jong-yeol said, “Seabold and Reyes will come to Korea early to adapt to the domestic stage. 파워볼게임 “The die is already cast, and it’s our job to make sure they can do well,” said Lee Jong-yeol.

“We chose starting pitchers with fastballs and good command of their pitches,” he said of Seabold and Reyes, “and with the introduction of the robot umpires, we chose pitchers with two-seam fastballs and sliders that work the corners.”

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