1R slugger hopeful bombards Rafa with advantages

“We left a lot to be desired. Both offense and defense fell short of expectations.” That’s what Samsung Lions slugger prospect Kim Young-woong (infielder) said when looking back on last year.

In 55 games, he batted 1-for-8 with 17 runs (91 hits), two home runs, 12 RBIs, 11 runs scored, one stolen base and an OPS of 0.569. “It’s only 20 points out of 100,” Kim said on Monday at Daegu Samsung Lions Park. There were too many things I lacked,” he said, adding, “I’m preparing hard to avoid repeating last year’s disappointment.”

He was more often on the bench last year

Even when he was called up to the first team. Following the advice of Oh Jae-il and Koo Ja-uk that 바카라사이트 “watching from the bench is also a learning experience,” he quietly sharpened his knife so that he could properly showcase his abilities when the time comes.

“It’s a shame I didn’t get to play, but I studied hard in the dugout. I watched the seniors who were hitting well and paid attention to how they played. I did a lot of mental training on how to play as if I were in the batter’s box, and it helped.” Kim says.

Kim, who made bulking up his first offseason goal, is pleased with the improvements in both his power and speed. “After the season, I trained hard with weights, and I gained about 10 kilograms from my season weight (78 kg). I’m not skinny, but I’ve gained a lot of muscle mass. I can definitely feel my strength when I’m batting and throwing the ball, and my speed has improved.”

Kim Young-woong, who has struggled with injuries both big and small since joining the team in 2022

“I’m preparing well and I’m satisfied with my physical condition. My mindset is also different from last year. I’ve decided to be stronger,” he said.

“My lower body is important, so I’m doing a lot of lower body training. I’ve been doing repetitive drills to make sure I don’t forget what my grandfather, a defense coach, taught me. When it comes to batting, I always try to put the point in front of my right foot rather than making big changes, and I never over-swing.”

On his goals for the season, 메이저사이트 he said, “I think you have to play to your strengths to survive. I’m not looking to hit a few home runs this season, but I’m going to focus on improving my bat speed and accuracy, and if I do that, the results will follow.”

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