Kim Ha-sung, junior Lim Hye-dong, and the truth about the assault…

In connection with the case in which Kim Ha-sung (28-San Diego Padres), who plays in Major League Baseball (MLB), accused junior baseball player Lim Hye-dong of racketeering and other charges, police have called witnesses to investigate.

According to Yonhap News Agency on Sept. 9, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul investigated Kim as a complainant on Sept. 6, and then called people around Kim as witnesses for two days from the previous day.

The investigators included other professional baseball players who attended the drinking party where the fight between Kim and Lim took place in 2021 and witnessed the incident, as well as Kim’s teammates during his KBO career.

The police plan to investigate Lim as soon as they have finished interviewing the witnesses and, if necessary, review the transcripts of the confrontation between Kim and Lim.

Previously, Kim filed a complaint with police in 2021, alleging that he was repeatedly asked for settlement money by Lim after he and Lim got into a fight over drinks at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul.

Lim joined the Nexen Heroes (now the Kiwoom Heroes) as a pitcher in 2015, but quit after two years and joined Kim’s management company, where he reportedly lived with Kim in the United States as his road manager.

Kim said he sued Lim to prevent further damage by continuing to demand money even after he received a large settlement.

After the news of Kim’s lawsuit broke, Lim claimed in several broadcast interviews, including TV Chosun and the YouTube channel “Garosero Research Center (Ga Se-yeon),” that he was “unilaterally and repeatedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung.” He also released photos of the assault.

The case has since turned into a battle of truths, with Kim’s side denying that the photos were doctored, saying, “It’s not true at all that I unilaterally and habitually assaulted him.” 사설토토

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