Its Wins Gold Medals in three Consecutive Short Track World Cup Competitions

Kim Gil-li (Seongnam City Hall), who has emerged as the ‘next-generation ace’ of Korean women’s short track racing

won the gold medal in the women’s 1500m at the 3rd World Cup.

Gilly Kim won the gold medal in the women’s 1500m at the 3rd competition of the 2023-2024 International Skating Union

(ISU) Short Track World Cup held in Beijing, China on the 9th.

Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall), who reached the finals with her

was disqualified after receiving a penalty decision.

Kim Gil-li, who won a silver medal in the women’s 1500m at the first competition (Montreal, Canada) 먹튀검증사이트

won gold and silver medals in the first and second races of the women’s 1500m at the second competition (Montreal, Canada), respectively. 

She continued that trend until this competition, showing that she is the strongest female long-distance runner this season.

Gilly Kim, who had been watching the movements of other athletes from the rear at the beginning of the race

moved into the lead with 11 laps left. 

Shim Seok-hee also came to the front, and the rest of the players began to speed up.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, Gilly Kim succeeded in overtaking on the out-course with 5 laps remaining and rose to the lead, and then began to defend his ranking. 

While Shim Seok-hee sank to the bottom, Kim Gil-li, who widened the gap to second place

finished the race with both hands clenched.

In the men’s 1500m, Kim Geon-woo (Sports Toto), ranked first in the men’s world this season, rose to the top.

At the beginning of the race, Kim Geon-woo and Reynis Verzins (Latvia)

ran in the lead, and Nurtilek Kazkali (Kazakhstan) also came to the front. 

In addition, Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall) and William Danjinu (Canada) also entered the race for leadership.

With 7 laps remaining, the players’ movements became more active, and Ji-won Park maintained the lead

paying attention to both the in-course and the out-course. 

Then, he collided with Danjinu and was slightly pushed back, and in the meantime

the players who were in the middle of the rankings moved up.

The player who laughed last was Kim Geon-woo. Kim Geon-woo

who headed to the lead with half a lap left, passed the finish line in first place, shaking off the checks of Lee Wen-rong (China). 

Ji-won Park and Seong-woo Jang (Korea University) finished the race in 5th and 6th place, respectively.

Kim Geon-woo is called a ‘bad boy’ or ‘devil’s talent’ in men’s short track racing.

In 2015, when he was a high school student

he was caught drinking while on the national team and was suspended from the national team.

In 2016, he was investigated by the police for violating the National Sports Promotion Act.

In the end, he was severely punished by the Korea Skating Federation with a suspension of 1 year and 6 months for violating the provisions of the national team’s duty of good faith and maintenance of dignity.

Until this time, he had been active under the name Kim Han-ul, but changed his name to Kim Geon-woo and continued his career as a player. K

im Geon-woo was re-elected to the national team after a period of self-reflection, but caused controversy again in February 2019.

This is because he was disciplined again after being caught entering the female athletes’ dormitory at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village without permission.

After experiencing ups and downs, including being eliminated from the national team selection for the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Kim Geon-woo ranked second overall after Hwang Dae-heon in the short track national team selection held at the Jincheon National Training Center in April

allowing him to participate in both individual and team competitions at international competitions in the 2023-2024 season. It came to be.

Kim Geon-woo, who started the season smoothly with a gold medal in the 1000m 2nd race of the 1st competition

added a gold medal in this competition after winning a bronze medal and a gold medal in the 1st and 2nd races of the 1500m 2nd race, respectively.

Meanwhile, the athletes in the women’s 3000m and men’s 5000m relays all qualified for the finals.

Kim Gil-li, Lee So-yeon (Sports Toto), Park Ji-won (Jeonbuk Provincial Office), and Shim Seok-hee

who participated in the women’s 3000m relay

finished second in their group after the Netherlands and advanced to the finals.

In the men’s 5000m relay, the national team consisting of Dae-heon Hwang (Gangwon Provincial Office)

Geon-woo Kim, Ji-won Park, and Ira Seo (Hwaseong City Hall)

overcame Italy’s check and finished the semifinals in second place in the group after Canada.

The short track team will hunt for medals in the men’s and women’s 1000m, women’s 3000m, and men’s 5000m relay finals on the 10th

the third day of the competition. 

From the 15th to the 17th, the 4th World Cup schedule will be played at home.

 The competition will be held at the Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul.

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