Sewon High School marked the beginning of a new challenge

On December 1, Sewon High School marked the beginning of a new challenge with the inauguration of its baseball team.

By establishing the baseball team, Sewon aims to contribute to the development of baseball in Korea through the discovery and cultivation of athletic talents with excellent qualities, as well as to open up more opportunities for students who dream of becoming baseball players and leaders.

Sewon High School also expects to contribute to the development of athletes with good character, such as fostering a sense of community through the baseball club’s activities.

The inauguration ceremony of the Sewon High School baseball team was attended by Kim Jong-hyuk, chairman of the People’s Power Party, Lee Sang-won, Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly member, Kim Do-hyeop, president of the Goyang Baseball and Softball Association, Ko In-soo, secretary general, Kim Myung-soo, baseball ambassador of Goyang City, Lee Byung-hak, chairman of the Goyang City School Management Committee, and many Sewon students, parents, and local residents who cheered on their friends’ new start.

Mr. Oh Hyun-min was appointed as the first head coach of the Sewon High School baseball team. After graduating from Sunlin Internet High School and Dongguk University, Oh played for NC North and KT Wiz before retiring. After retiring, 안전놀이터 he worked as a pitching coach at Dongguk University and then as a pitching coach at Sunlin Internet High School.

Oh Hyun-min, the first head coach of Sewon High’s baseball team

“We will become a prestigious team in line with the reputation of the prestigious Sewon High School,” and showed his determination to grow Sewon High into a new prestigious baseball high school in Korea.

The coaching staff will include outfield coach Kang Jin-young, a 12-year veteran of coaching at Woo Shingo, and pitching coach Ha Hae-woong, formerly of Kiwoom Heroes. The first year’s squad included seven sophomores, nine freshmen, and a total of 16 team members, and the team plans to gradually expand the size of the squad through aggressive investment and development.

The team is captained by sophomore Kim Ji-hoon. The 192cm tall, 93kg Kim started playing baseball in the fourth grade. He played for Sadangcho, Deoksujoong, and then Seolin Internet High before taking over as captain of Sewon High. Kim is a right-handed pitcher with a fastball up to 140 kilometers per hour and a splitter as his main weapon.

“I’m going to try to improve my fastball in winter training. I will also refine my curveball so that we can win a lot of games as a new team in the tournament starting in 2024. I’m having fun and enjoying the sport.”

With the creation of the Sewon High School Baseball Team,

Goyang City now has two high school baseball teams. This is expected to expand the number of attractions for local residents and create a win-win situation between school and community sports activities.

At the inauguration ceremony, Principal Kim Chan-bin said, “I would like to thank everyone who helped me create the baseball team. I will do my best to do what the school can do so that all members can become players who are not ashamed of themselves and are proud of themselves,” he said, expressing his gratitude and sending a message of full support. “Please give the baseball team great encouragement so that they can shine in the future.”

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