Lotte’s ‘Decision’ Is Also Imminent

A longevity in Busan and a chance for one last major league shot. Charlie Barnes is in a quandary.

The Lotte Giants had earlier re-signed Aaron Wilkerson for a total of $950,000. A reunion with Barnes, on the other hand, is up in the air for now.

Barnes can’t go to another team in Korea. Lotte has placed him on the disabled list. He is faced with a choice between trying his luck in the Major League Baseball or returning to Lotte.

He had a successful two years with Lotte. He started 61 games and pitched 356⅔ innings, going 23-22 with a 3.46 ERA. That’s right behind the all-time leader in innings pitched, Ko Young-pyo (KT Wiz, 357).

Lotte has already made some adjustments. Lotte offered Barnes a contract extension this year for a small increase over his $1.25 million total, and he wasn’t too unhappy about it.

The key question is whether Barnes will return to the major leagues. Local media outlets, including MLB Network, have reported multiple times that there are major league teams interested in Barnes.

For Barnes, 먹튀검증 it’s a chance to revive his big league dreams that fell through in 2021. For Barnes, who was born in 1994, this could be his last chance.

For now,

Barnes’ representatives have asked him to wait until the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings, which continue through the 7th (KST). Like Brooks Reilly, who was previously “reverse-exported” from Lotte, Barnes is a pitcher who can utilize his strong left hand.

In the big leagues, he is evaluated as having a wide range of uses from the bullpen to the fifth starter, but it is difficult to be promised a starting spot with certainty.

Barnes’ wife is due to give birth in early summer next year, which could also be a factor. She may prefer to stay in the U.S., where she has family and friends, rather than have a child in a foreign land.

On the other hand, if Barnes’ wife is okay with it, South Korea has an advantage in that foreign players in the KBO are taken care of by their clubs. Lotte once allowed DJ Peters to leave the country after his wife gave birth to a child and took care of herself.

It has already shown enough strength in the past two years. When it comes to signing foreign players, Lotte usually looks for stability rather than highs. If Barnes chooses to stay with Lotte this time around, he could become a long term free agent like Casey Kelly (LG Twins).

The Lotte Giants will wait and see. But if Barnes chooses to take the spring training challenge, they will part ways. The Giants are expected to finalize their decision on Barnes in the near future after the Winter Meetings. 메이저사이트 A Lotte representative said, “Apart from the negotiations with Barnes, we are still discussing the second and third options. We can’t wait forever,” a Lotte representative explained.

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