Is the size of the option the variable?

Is the size of the option the variable?

The negotiations between the KIA Tigers and veteran infielder Kim Sun-bin (34), who qualified for free agency for the second time, are dragging on. There was no news of a deal until the morning of November 6, the 18th day after his free agency was announced on November 18. The two sides have been in contact since before the free agency announcement, so they have been negotiating for nearly a month.

Both sides’ baseline is to stay. Kim has been a member of the Tigers for 16 years, since joining the organization in 2008. He has no intention of playing elsewhere. The club also wants to keep its franchise star. They want to keep their franchise star, and they recognize his 3-for-3 career batting average. Nevertheless, the two sides have not been able to reach an agreement.

The first is the age of the contract. Kim will be 34 years old in 18 days. He will join the ranks of seniors. Veterans usually want a guaranteed contract. If it’s a four-year contract, it’s until 2027. 카지노사이트킴 That makes him 38 years old. Clubs, on the other hand, want to invest in your future performance, so they’ll give you three years, or three plus one, or whatever.

The second is money.

Players naturally want to increase their guarantees. Kim Sun-bin signed a four-year, 4 billion won contract in his first free agency. He was 31 years old in 2020, his first season. It’s possible that his second contract was based on a similar level, based on his four-year track record. Teams would have offered less than the first time around to account for his age.

With such a large difference in value, it’s hard to find an agreement. Recently, the club reportedly offered a revised offer after the tug-of-war became protracted. It means that they raised the price from the original amount. It’s possible that Kim’s side has also backed down from their demands. However, it is unlikely that the club’s revised offer was enough to convince Kim. In the end, it seems to be a last-minute tug of war over the option.

That is, the weight of the option. In the case of hitters, there are many options that can be applied, such as batting average, games played, OPS, hits, and stolen bases. In the case of Kim Sun-bin, who is entering an aging curve, service time may be important. You can use regulation at-bats or 120+ games. You could base it on the average performance over the first four years of free agency, which would likely result in a higher option rate. However, you can be flexible with the option requirements to give the player an advantage.

Take the example of ace Yang Hyun-jong.

When he returned to the United States after the 2021 season, he signed a four-year, $10.3 billion free agent contract. At the time, there was a battle between Yang’s side, which wanted to increase the guaranteed amount, and the club, which wanted to increase the option value due to his age. In the end, he signed a contract for 3 billion won in down payment, 안전놀이터 2.5 billion won in salary, and 4.8 billion won in options. The option value exceeded the salary. Pitchers are usually paid by innings pitched, ERA, wins, QS, etc. It’s been said that his belly button is bigger than his stomach, so I’m curious about the size of his option.

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