‘Cleanse Manho Waist’ Hwang In-Beom “I get stimulated by watching Hong Hyun-Seok and Kang-In”

Hwang In-Beom (Zvezda), who plays the role of the “middle waist” in Klinsmann Lake not only in terms of age but also in terms of position, gives a thumbs up to the performances of “young bloods” Hong Hyun-Seok (24) and Lee Kang-In (22).

“I didn’t play in the October A match because I wasn’t feeling well, but now I’m feeling better and have no problem playing full-time,” Hwang In-bum told reporters before the team’s training session at Mokdongju Stadium on the 13th. “There is no such thing as a natural victory, so the entire squad will prepare well and get a good result.”

The South Korean national soccer team will begin their quest to qualify for their 11th consecutive World Cup when they take on Singapore at 8 p.m. on Saturday at Seoul World Cup Stadium in the first leg of the second round of qualifying for the FIFA Confederations Cup North America 2026.

Hwang In-beom was full of praise for the “young bloods” in Klinsmann’s squad ahead of the Singapore match.

Along with Kim Min-jae (Munich) and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), Hwang is in the middle age group of the Klinsmann’s Tiger Warriors, having been born in 1996.

“The performances of Hong Hyun-seok and Lee Kang-in are very good for the national team,” he said. “It is inevitable that there will be internal competition for these players. I watched them play from the bench at the A-match last month and was very encouraged by their good performance.”

“It’s great to see how the national team is getting stronger with the addition of younger players,” he said. “There are many young players in the K League who are doing well. They are helping to develop the national team.”

Hwang In-beom is also pleased with the national team squad, which he describes as “historic.

“We have great players in front of and behind my position,” he said. I’m the offensive link, so it’s a blessing to have so many good players in front and behind me. I’m trying to think of a picture where I can help them on the field,” he smiled.

“The UCL is a stage that every soccer player wants to experience,” Hwang said of playing in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this season, “and when I actually experienced it, I realized why I wanted to play in the UCL so much.”

“After experiencing UCL, I realized why I wanted to play on the UCL stage so much,” he said, adding, “I have more things to work on.” “I also gained confidence that I can show my strengths on the UCL stage. 토토사이트

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