Its a Tottenham Senior also Turned his Back

Tottenham Hotspur’s comeback loss against Wolverhampton Wanderers was all due to defender Eric Dier

former Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara claimed.

O’Hara appeared on Britain’s Talk Sports on the 13th (Korean time) and said 토토사이트

Dyer should have been let go in the summer.”

“Our players weren’t good, they should have been substitutes from the bench,” O’Raha said.

Ben Davis was fine, he did his job well for a non-centre back, but I don’t think Dier was.

He made a couple of mistakes.

He scored two goals. “All of them were things Dyer couldn’t stop,” he said.

In the game against Chelsea on the 7th, Tottenham lost its main defenders

Mickey van der Pen and Christian Romero, at the same time. 

Van der Pen left the pitch with a hamstring injury and Romero was sent off with a red card and was suspended for a further three games.

With Davinson Sanchez, the third defender, leaving for Galatasaray, Dier was the only defender remaining in Tottenham’s first team. 

Tottenham hastily called Ashley Phillips, born in 2005, who plays for the under-21 team, to the first team.

In the game against Wolverhampton held at Molineux Stadium on the 11th

Coach Postegoclou appointed Dier and Davis as starting center backs.

Dyer and Davis led the team to a 1-0 lead with stable defense until extra time in the second half.

However, they were unable to last 6 minutes of extra time in the second half and collapsed. 

As soon as extra time went into the second half

they gave up an equalizer to Pablo Sarabia, and in the 97th minute of the second half

they allowed a comeback goal to Mario Lemina.

And Dyer was there in both scenes. 

When Sarabia broke through the space behind him and hit the net with a left-footed shot, Dier threw his body but could not reach it.

His come-from-behind goal was even more fatal. Sarabia

who caught the ball on the right side, passed a through ball to Lemina in front

who finished the game by falling over it.

 Dier came forward for an offside trap at the moment of the pass, but was not caught.

Dier, who was Tottenham’s starting center back until last season, saw his position diminish with the arrival of Van der Pen ahead of this season. 

Before the match against Chelsea in Round 11, he had not played a single minute in the Premier League and had not even sat on the bench in more than half of the games.

Tottenham tried to let Dier go in the summer transfer window, but failed. 

Dier, whose contract with Tottenham expires at the end of this season, is known to prefer a free agent move.

O’Hara criticized Dier, saying, “They should have removed Dier (from the team) in the summer,” adding, “Nobody wanted him, so he came back to the team. This is the problem.

The players they tried to send out are playing again.”

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