NC waiting for KT director Lee Kang-chul’s PO entry

“We’re going to be on top of the world with our fans again, just like we were two years ago.”

Fall baseball is getting more and more ripe. After a wild-card (WC) deciding game against Doosan, NC came from behind to upset SSG in three games in the semi-playoffs (Semi-PO). As NC’s eyes turned to Suwon, KT’s head coach vowed to show the ‘one-team’ power they showed in the regular season in the PO.

On the 25th, NC battled back from a late deficit to win 7-6 against SSG in the third game of the 2023 KBO Semi-Final at Changwon NC Park. With the win, NC swept the three-game series and set up a playoff matchup with KT.

“We were able to see NC’s power in the postseason once again,” said KT head coach Lee Kang-cheol, who watched the two teams play, “They are a well-coordinated team on offense and defense, so we will not let our guard down and play as prepared.”

NC, which colored fall baseball with a semi-po upset, and KT, which showed a “magical run” in the regular season. In particular, KT was in last place this season and finished second with a late rally. It was a realization of the spirit of ‘jung keum ma’ (what matters is an unbreakable heart).

Furthermore, KT has a 10-6 head-to-head record against NC in the regular season. While fall baseball is a short-term race, KT has a slightly better chance of reaching the Korean Series. Lee is determined to bring the same magic to the POs as he did in the regular season.

“We had our ups and downs in the regular season, but we overcame them as a ‘one team’ and went straight to the playoffs,” said Lee, emphasizing that the team will continue to show the same performance and cohesion that they showed during the regular season in the playoffs. “We will do our best to stand on the best stage with our fans once again, just like two years ago,” he added, expressing his strong will to win the championship.

The Fall Race begins once again on October 30 with the first round of the POs between KT and NC in Suwon. After the second 토토사이트 game in Suwon on the 31st, the POs 3-4 will be held in Changwon on November 2-3. In the event of a tie, the series will return to Suwon on Nov. 5 for the final five games.

All eyes will be on Suwon to see who will compete with LG, which won the regular season title for the first time in 29 years and advanced directly to the Korean Series.

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