The GSW coach’s happy smile looks at the transfer student.

Can Saric melt into Golden State?

The Golden State Warriors won 125-108 against the LA Lakers in the 2023-2024 NBA preseason held at the Chase Center in San Francisco on the 8th (Korean time). 

Preseason games held prior to the regular season are a time for clubs to adjust their skills and improve their sense of practice in preparation for the new season. Transfers who joined in the off-season usually make their debut to fans through pre-season games. 

This day’s game received a lot of attention as it was Chris Paul’s debut game in Golden State. However, in addition to Paul, several other players played their first games since joining Golden State. A representative example is stretch big man Dario Saric.

Croatian Saric is 208cm tall, but he is a stretch big man whose strength is accurate shooting. His last season, he averaged a 39.1% 3-point percentage. Golden State, which needed a backup big man, overcame fierce recruitment competition and captured Saric. 

Even before his debut, Saricchi’s strengths were displayed on the court. He played for about 15 minutes and although he did not spend a long time on the court, he attempted 3 3-point shots and succeeded in 2. He also handed out three assists, utilizing his clever BQ and passing sense.

Coach Steve Kerr heaped praise on Saric, comparing him to Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Wielizza, who were members of the winning team in the 2021-2022 season. He evaluated Saric, who can pass and shoot, as the perfect type of player for Golden State’s offense.

Coach Steve Kerr said: “Dario Saric is a perfect fit for us. He’s been really good. I think now we can use Saric as a leg and get a feel for how we can play. He’s getting better every day. “There is,” he praised.

“I’m really excited about Saric,” he added. “Last season we really missed that dynamic, someone like Nemanja Wielizza or Otto Porter Jr. who can shoot but is also a good passer.”

Saric also showed a very positive stance on joining Golden State. He emphasized that this is the team that is best suited for him to adapt to, considering his experience as an opponent in the league and what he saw in the playoffs.

“I’ve played against Golden State several times over my eight years in the league,” Saric said. “Of course, Golden State always gets into the high rounds of the playoffs, so I’ve had a lot of time to watch and experience,” Saric said. “I spent the summer watching film and watching how the team plays. I thought it was the best team for me to fit in. I think I’m playing really well right now, and I’m trying to fit in with the team. I like that style of basketball, and if you have five players who are a threat every minute to score, your teammates “It becomes easier for everyone,” he explained.

If Saric plays a significant role off the bench, Kevon Looney and Draymond Green’s shoulders will become much lighter, and Golden State’s attack routes are expected to become more diverse than before. Can Saric, who has yet to win a championship ring after entering the NBA, rise to the top of the league in Golden State?


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