Korean soccer writes new history

The national team, which suffered an unexpected blow in the first 2 minutes of the fateful match between Korea and Japan, turned the game around with an equalizer from ‘solver’ Jung Woo-young and a thrilling comeback goal from Cho Young-wook.

The moment the gold medal was confirmed, the players gathered together, shared joy, and shed hot tears.

Our team, which overcame the great pressure of having to win or fail, finally won the gold medal, also made history by becoming the first men’s soccer team to win three consecutive titles at the Asian Games.

[Jung Woo-young/Men’s national soccer team striker: Thank you to the fans who supported us until the end, and we won the gold medal.]

Until the competition, attention was focused on superstar Lee Kang-in, but everyone, including Lee Kang-in, played a leading role.

As many as 11 players scored goals, led by Jung Woo-young, who was the top scorer with 8 goals, and brightened the future of Korean soccer by leaving behind an amazing record of 27 goals and 3 conceded goals, winning all 7 games.

Lee Kang-in, who received many congratulations from his team Paris Saint-Germain as well as teammates such as Mbappe and Hakimi, received military service benefits along with the gold medal, allowing him to dream of an even bigger leap forward in Europe.

[Lee Kang-in/Men’s national soccer team midfielder: I’m representing the country of Korea abroad. I will always try to prove that I am a good soccer player and a good person.]

The young Taegeuk warriors, who wrote a new history as a ‘one team’ rather than a ‘one man team’, are now running again toward an even more dazzling era of glory.


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