‘Calm game management’ So Chae-won defeats Bangladeshi player and joins quarterfinals

o Chae-won of the women’s archery compound showed stable performance and advanced to the quarterfinals.  

So Chae-won advanced to the quarterfinals with a 143-140 3-point win over Bangladesh’s Akhter Bona in the round of 16 of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Archery Compound Women’s Individual Match held at Puyang Inhu Sports Center Archery Range at 3:05 p.m. on the 2nd. .

Bona is the player who defeated Kazakhstan’s Rashinova Elmira 141-140. However, she is known to be a skill that is a level below that of Korean archers.

As if to prove this, So Chae-won shot 57 points in her first two rounds, one point ahead of Bonnae, who shot 56 points.

In the third round, the gap widened further. While Bona scored 27 points, So Chae-won scored 28 points. 85-83, So Chaewon leads by 2 points.

In the fourth round, both players scored 29 points. However, So Chae-won shot 10 points, including X Ten, while her opponent shot 10 points. The score difference is 114-112.

So Chaewon remained calm until the end.먹튀검증  So Chae-won, who shot 29 points, including 2

The opponent he will face in the quarterfinals is Iran’s Bbody Governor, who defeated Taiwan’s Huang Yizhou in X-ten numbers with a score of 144-144.

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