Doosan Bears captain Heo Kyung-min (33) is tough on SSG Landers closer Seo Jin-yong. With his extraordinary concentration and hitting skills, Heo was often able to effectively target Seo’s main weapon, the forked ball .He had faced Seo 17 times in his career before the SSG home game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Thursday, going 5-for-14 with two walks, a .357 batting average, and a .438 on-base percentage .Heo started to warm up in the bottom of the ninth inning against SSG, trailing 0-2.SSG brought in closer Seo Jin-yong, and Heo Kyung-min, who was out of the starting lineup, was expected to pinch-hit. However, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop did not call on Heo .Instead, he brought in Kim Jae-hwan with runners on first and second after leadoff hitter Yang Seok-hwan singled to left and Yang Ji-ji walked .Lee tried to lay down a sacrifice bunt but was thrown out at third base .A wild pitch by Seo Jin-yong and an infield grounder by Kang Seung-ho put runners on second and third with one out .Heo Kyung-min was expected to pinch-hit again, but Lee Seung-yeop called up Kim In-tae to bat for Park Jun-young. Kim In-tae drew a walk to load the bases .The next batter, Park Kye-beom, stepped up to the plate and was hit by an intentional pitch. Doosan had a chance to tie the game with two outs, so Lee called up Heo Kyung-min.”I was looking forward to pinch-hitting, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get the chance,” said Heo. “The manager called me at a crucial moment, and when I stepped into the batter’s box, I felt my endorphins surge as the crowd cheered .”In fact, there was a reason why Lee called up Heo late. He had recently injured his right hand. The bruise wasn’t severe, but every time he hit, it was painful That’s why he was left out of the starting lineup .For Heo, the pain didn’t matter. “I didn’t feel anything when I stepped into the batter’s box,” he said, “I just knew that I couldn’t miss the chance to win the game with my teammates. “Perhaps because his “nemesis” Heo Kyung-min was up to bat, Seo Jin-yong threw a wild pitch. The ball bounced off the ground and rolled backward, allowing Kim In-tae to score from third base to tie the game at 2-2.”It made me feel relaxed,” Heo said, “I just needed to get one hit.” “I knew he was a good pitcher, so I just waited for it,” Heo said of Seo’s forked ball. As expected, Seo threw a forkball on a one-ball, one-strike pitch. The ball flew high toward Heo’s body. He pulled as if he had been waiting for it. The ball flew to left-center field. It was an exhilarating come-from-behind hit to end the game. He roared and celebrated with his teammates. My hand injury is fine,” said Heo Kyung-min after the match, “and I’m just happy to get an important match in the center of a fierce top-five battle.” “It was a heavy feeling to be sidelined with an injury in the middle of the standings battle,” he said, adding, “I feel like we paid off our debt to some extent today. “With the win, sixth-ranked Doosan moved to within one game of fourth-ranked KIA Tigers 토토사이트 and fifth-ranked SSG.

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