World 3 Cushion Championships Bao Opong Binh Wins

Vietnam’s new star ‘Bao Pong Binh’ defeated his role model ‘Tran Quet Chien’ to become the world champion.

On the 11th, Afreeca TV announced that ‘Baop Ang Vinh’ became the first Vietnamese player to win the 75th World 3-Cushion Championships held in Turkye Ankara. 

The World 3-Cushion Championships is the most prestigious 3-cushion international competition in which top-ranked athletes selected from each continent compete.

Baoun Binh’s path to the finals was difficult. 

In the quarterfinals, Baop Ang Vinh narrowly defeated Pedro Pietro Buena of the United States 50-49 in 34 innings to advance to the semifinals, and also defeated South Korea’s Cho Myung-woo 50-48 in 29 innings in the semifinals to advance to the finals.

advanced into In particular, in the semifinals

Cho Myung-woo narrowed the gap to 4 points by hitting 10 high runs in the second half of the game

but Baop Ang Vinh showed concentration until the end

blocking Myung-woo Cho’s pursuit and taking the victory.

Bao Pong Binh, who advanced to the finals, faced Tran Quet Chien, a senior and Vietnam’s best player, who gave him his dream of becoming a billiards player.

 In this final, which attracted even more attention as it was the first match between two Vietnamese players in the final

Bao Pong Binh showed off his skills until the second half of the game, including 10 high runs, and won against Tran Quet Chien. .

It is evaluated that the status of Vietnam’s three-cushion billiards has further increased with Bao Pong Binh’s win. 

At the Porto 3-Cushion World Cup held last July, Tran Khe Et-Chien won the final against Thai Hong-Chien, and at the World 3-Cushion Survival Tournament held last August, Vietnam’s Dao Van Li took third place.

Vietnamese players are showing good results one after another on the international stage. 지울프-토토

Meanwhile, many viewers participated in this competition, which was broadcast live on Afreeca TV. 

All matches in the semifinals recorded approximately 26,000 concurrent users, and up to 32,000 people watched the match simultaneously in the long-awaited final. 

The total cumulative number of viewers during the competition period was approximately 1.27 million.

After completing the individual competition, the World Championships now continues with the ladies and junior competitions. 

The 11th Women’s World 3-Cushion Championships will be held from the 12th to the 14th. 

In particular, this year, Kim Ha-eun and Lee Shin-young, ranked first and second in Korea, will participate and compete against representative players from around the world to compete for the championship.

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