Ryu Hyun-jin and Son Heung-min in ‘Snowy River Time,’ a two-man show of Korean stars

‘Snowy River Time,’ a two-man performance by Korean celebrities, starring Ryu Hyun-jin and Son Heung-min

This fourth inning strikeout shows Ryu’s ability to dominate batters without a fastball.

He got the batter to swing and miss with a slow curveball that touched 65 miles per hour, about 104 kilometers per hour.

His fastball still wasn’t quite where it used to be, topping out at 90 miles per hour, but that was no problem.

His curveball and changeup threw hitters off their timing, and he didn’t walk a single batter.

He even put on a great defensive show, making a spectacular glove toss to get the out at first base.

After a strong fifth inning with two one-run homers, the team’s defense let them down in the sixth.

Back-to-back errors took me off the mound with 70 pitches, and the next pitcher gave up a pushing run, but it was unearned due to the earlier error.

Toronto went on to win 8-3, and Hyun-Jin Ryu, who allowed two runs in five innings, won his third straight start.

[Schneider/Toronto manager: “Ryu changes his velocity better than any pitcher in the league. He pitched amazingly, efficiently, and had good command.”]

Son’s one-touch pass to Kulusevski, who gave it back as soon as he received it, was a fantastic piece of work.

The stepping stone to the goal that made Tottenham fans’ eyes glaze over was laid by their captain, Son Heung-min.

The captain’s class was evident in the way he restrained his teammate when he tried to protest vehemently to the referee.

Son was all over the place in the second half, creating several threatening chances.

The 2-0 win extended Tottenham’s winning streak to two games, 먹튀검증토토사이트 and Son was praised by various soccer media outlets with ratings in the seven-figure range, even without an offensive point.

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