A Let’s go without fear Bissett’s message to the Toronto

“Let’s go without fear!”

Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bissett

who has recovered from a knee injury

had a message for a team that is struggling to qualify for the postseason.

In an interview ahead of the team’s away game against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati

Ohio on the 20th (Korean time) 카지노사이트

Bissett said

To be honest

I think our team needs to get rid of fear.

Having watched the team play from the sidelines during his rehabilitation

he said

I think any team needs to get rid of fear in order to achieve something special.

You have to go without fear.

I want to lead by example and lead the team.

Toronto is currently 67-56 and has slipped to fourth place in the American League wild-card standings.

To qualify for the postseason

they need to beat the third-place Seattle Mariners

who are half a game ahead of them. If the odds of winning are tied

they will be relegated to fourth place by tiebreak calculation.

At this point

it’s hard for every team to play against.

The lower-ranked teams also want to spoil the teams that are trying to make the postseason.

They’re big league players.

You have to go out and fight with all your might.

We need to focus on going right rather than worrying about going wrong

he said

emphasizing the need to fight with all his might without being conscious of his opponent.

He injured his right knee during a home game against the Baltimore Orioles on Aug. 4

but he “definitely came back sooner than I expected

he said

and I focused on one day at a time.

I tried to take the rehabilitation process as seriously as I could

and I just wanted to be back as soon as possible.

When he came back

he vowed to create a position where he could help the team.

I think I coped well

he said of the rehabilitation period

which took a little over half a month.

I wanted to come back as soon as I could

but at the same time

I handled it wisely

said the returning man after a day off from two rehab games at Triple-A.

I didn’t sleep well and I thought it would be better to get out of the plane with a good rest than to run right away

he said

also explaining why he delayed his return by a day.

Bissett will start at shortstop for the second time in the day’s game.

Toronto manager John Schneider said

We’re expecting Bissett to be able to play shortstop every day.

Bissett also announced his readiness to play shortstop


We’ll see how it goes

but I’m ready to play shortstop every day.

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