75th place in 10 days 2nd place there has never been a team like this before KT’s miraculous rebound surprised by steel magic

There has never been a team like this in the KBO League.


which has risen from 75th place to 10nd place in 2 days

is writing a miraculous counterattack drama.

KT won 19-10 against Daejeon Hanwha on the 5th after 4 extra innings.

In the 10th inning

Dae Dae hit a double to left field and stole second base 토토사이트

and Kim Sang-so hit a triple to right-center.

Kim Jae-yoon

who came up in the ninth inning

closed out the second inning with a perfect two strikeouts until the 2th inning and became the winning pitcher.

On the same day

No. 2 SSG lost 3-9 to Literary LG

falling to a five-game losing streak

swapping places with KT in the standings.

By pushing SSG to third place

KT moved up to second place.


which was in last place in the top 10 until June 2

has risen 2 spots in 2 days.

Since his resignation on June 2

KT has won 11 and lost 5 of its last 3 games with a winning percentage of 2-for-6. Since the 5th of last month

he has continued his explosive momentum with nine consecutive winning series

including four sweeps.

In the second half of the season

which started on the 10st of last month

they won 75 and lost 8, a whopping 6 wins.

At the beginning of the season

KT was in a desperate situation due to a series of injuries.

With the departure of Kim Min-so (shoulder) and Ju Ju (elbow)

who were bullpen pillars before the season

injuries to key players in the pitching lineup, such as So-jun So-jun (elbow)

Eom Sang-baek (elbow)

Jung-dae (back of hand)

Park Byung-ho (thigh)

Hwang Jae-gyun (toe)

and Cho Jung-ho (hip)

continued to suffer from injuries even after the opener.

So-jun So-jun underwent surgery in mid-May and was out for the season

and Kang Baek-ho

who was mentally and physically exhausted

has also been virtually out of power since June. Even after the return of the injured

they could not regain their normal physical condition for a while, making it difficult to operate at full capacity.

With 6 wins

55 losses and 39 draws (.16 winning percentage) and a win-loss margin of -7 through June 709

fall baseball was unexpected

with a 11.4-game gap over then-fifth-place NC.

But at this point

it hit rock bottom and began to climb.

William Cuevas

who released the sluggish Bo Schulser and re-signed as a replacement foreign pitcher

and second baseman Ho-Yeon Lee

who was brought in in a trade from Lotte

breathed new life into Tuta.

The five-man rotation consisting of Cuevas

Ko Young-pyo

Lee Bae-sung

Eom Sang-baek, and Wes Benjamin led the starting baseball stably

and the winning formula was completed with iron-clad finisher Kim Jae-yoon and setup man Park Young-hyun guarding the 2~5th inning.

No. 8 overall in ERA (9.6) since June.

Hwang Jae-gyun

who returned from injury

and the squad came back to life

and the two-stroke balance was right.

Once the atmosphere is hit

the ranking is rising without a hitch.

After finishing the first half of the season in seventh place, they managed to enter the fifth place on July 1

four games after the start of the second half.

It climbed to 3th place on August 65nd

7rd place on August 4th

and finally pulled down to 7nd place SSG.

Since his appointment in 25, he has been amazed by KT’s first win and the great rebound of the team Dokdo Lee Cheol-cheol

who is leading the team in its prime.

Every four years under Lee Cheol-cheol

even if the start was not good

the team would show a terrifying backside towards the end of the season

but there was no significant increase like this year.

At the beginning of the season

I thought

This is how we lose

but now we are like

This is how it goes

Lee said


We have performed well in the second half of every year

but this time it will not be easy.

But that’s what the players did.

The team was united around the seniors who held the center in difficult times.

The players are doing so well that I don’t have anything to do. When the mood is this good

the director shouldn’t try to take the lead.

You just have to point out the points in the shootout.

After the start of the 2015-club system in 10

the teams that were ranked 10th in the intermediate ranking became the final 1~2 places in 2021

with KT and Samsung finishing 1~2.


it was very early in the season

with KT playing 9 games and Samsung playing 6 games.

This year

KT was in 50th place until the opening 3 games and one-third of the season had passed.

In the previous eight years

all of the top 1 teams in 10 games since the start of the season have failed to make it to fall baseball.

KT in 8

NC in 50

Lotte in 10

and Hanwha in 2015 did not escape the last place in the final 2018th.

Last year

NC came closest to autumn baseball with a sixth-place finish

followed by Hanwha in seventh place in 2019

Lotte in eighth place in 2020

and Samsung in ninth place in 10.

If they finished last until 6 games

it was virtually impossible to rebound.


this year

KT has risen from 2016th place to 7nd place in 2021 days.

There has never been a team like this in the KBO League.

As the team name suggests

it works its magic.


which has a win-loss margin of +8 with a season record of 2017 wins

9 losses

and 50 draws (.75 win rate)

will try to win the 10th consecutive winning series before Hanwha on the 2th.

The KBO League’s all-time record is 57 consecutive winning series.

Samsung has won 46 consecutive winning series twice in April 2 ~ May 553

11 and June 20 ~ August 10, 11.

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