Signed a business agreement with Kyungwoon Athletes to establish an emergency medical system

On the 3rd of this month, the Kyungryun Training Center of the General Headquarters of the Korea Sports Promotion Organization (Chairman Cho Hyun-jae) signed the ‘Business Agreement for Medical Support for Kyungryun Athletes’ at the Yeongju Red Cross Hospital (Hospital Director Kim Cheol-ho) with the participation of Kim Bo-heon, Director of Kyungryun Training Center, and Kim Cheol-ho, Director of Yeongju Red Cross Hospital.

The agreement is designed to promote organic cooperation between Kyungryun Training Center, which manages the training of candidate athletes, and Yeongju Red Cross Hospital, which aims to provide golden time emergency medical care for candidates’ safety accidents.

Under the agreement, the Yeongju Red Cross Hospital will provide discounted medical fees for injuries and illnesses, including prompt one-stop medical care and optimal medical services in case of emergencies such as accidents during training, and the Kyungwoon Training Center will actively cooperate in social contribution activities such as volunteer service. The agreement is valid for two years and will be automatically extended if neither organization intends to terminate it.

“We are grateful to be able to receive prompt, systematic, and high-quality medical care from local medical professionals,” said Dr. Kim Bo-heon, Director of Training, “We hope that the quick recovery of 먹튀검증 our athletes will help them improve their performance. We hope to continue our cooperation with the Yeongju Red Cross Hospital in the future.”

The Yeongju Red Cross Hospital is the only public hospital in Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and is building a medical safety net in the region and expanding public healthcare projects for the medically vulnerable.

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