Russia launches air strike on Danube, intensifies Poland-Belarus tensions.

Across the river, flames roar.

The Danube port town of Odessa, Ukraine, has been hit by a Russian drone strike.

The airstrike targeted a grain silo.

The Russian military carried out another airstrike on the Danube port after the village of Renny on March 24.

After cutting off grain exports via the Black Sea, they are now hitting alternative transportation routes.

Ukraine has claimed that Russia has attacked 26 port facilities and 180,000 tons of grain storage since the breakdown of the Black Sea grain agreement on March 17.

[Volodymyr Zelensky/Ukrainian President: “For Russia, this war is now not just a fight for our freedom or Ukraine – Moscow is fighting a battle for a global catastrophe.”]

Ukraine’s neighbor Poland is also experiencing increased military tensions.

Poland’s Defense Ministry decided to deploy additional equipment and troops to the border region after two Belarusian helicopters violated its airspace on Feb. 2 local time.

Earlier, Poland was already on high alert, claiming that the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary group that moved into Belarus, had moved to the Polish border.

Belarus claimed this was untrue and that Poland was using this as a pretext to justify its troop buildup along the border.

It also said it was considering incorporating the Wagner Group into the Belarusian military.

[Aleksandr Lukashenko/Belarus President: “To be honest, I would like to keep the Wagner Group as a unit (of Belarus), they are real fighters who have been through the war.”]

Meanwhile, 카지노사이트넷 Russia announced that it had shot down six Ukrainian drones near Moscow overnight.

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