Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming is a live casino game show that takes place in a blimp, soaring high in the sky. The goal of the game is to climb a 20-step ladder-style pay table as high as you can, chasing a max win of 18.000 times your stake in the base game, and up to 50.000 times your stake in the bonus round. The outcome of the game (whether you cash or crash) is decided by two factors, each with three variables. 먹튀검증 The first one is the color of the balls draw, which can be either red, green or yellow. The second one is what action you choose to take on each step, which are ‘continue’, ‘take half’ or ‘take all’.

How to Play Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash takes place in a zeppelin. Inside the zeppelin is a ball puller, this is the most important part. The ball puller has 19 green colored balls, eight red colored balls and one gold colored ball. Balls are drawn until the round of play is over.

Place a bet

The game begins with the player placing a bet. This bet amount is usually pre-decided by the casino and the bet amounts are displayed in front of you in the form of chips. You need to select whatever amount you’d like to bet.

Ball drawing

Once the bets are closed, the ball puller goes to work. Then, after a few seconds, a ball is pulled up from the machine. The color of the ball is very important.

▪ Green ball: Another ball is drawn and your winnings increase.
▪ Red ball: No new ball is drawn and you lose your winnings.
▪ Gold ball: You are protected against one red ball. If a red ball is drawn after the gold ball, you do not immediately lose your winnings.

Make your decision

After each green ball you have a choice.

▪ Continue: As the name suggests, it means that you stay in the game with 100% of your stake amount and your winnings, and you play the next round.
▪ Take Half: This means that you cash out 50% of your winnings and stay in the game with the other 50%.
▪ Take All: Take all means that you cash out 100% of your winnings and the game round ends for you.

New round

The game ends when you draw a red ball or when you take your win. Then you can start over by placing a bet.

Cash or Crash rules
Cash or Crash features a lottery machine with 28 colored balls (19 green, 1 gold and 8 red) which are drawn one at a time in each round. When a green ball is drawn, you move one step up the pay table and must then decide whether to continue flying or to cash out (either half or all of your winnings).

The game ends as soon as a red ball appears unless you have drawn the golden ball, which can protect you like a shield from crashing. Once your shield has been used up by a red ball, you will crash and lose whatever money you don’t cash out if another red ball is drawn.

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