Speed Blackjack Game

How to play Speed Blackjack

The game begins with the players’ main bet and, as usual, they receive two cards from left to right. Once the transaction is complete, players can immediately decide whether to hit, stand, double-down or split without waiting for the other players’ movements. In other words, the fastest players receive the next card first or finish the game. The only deviation from the standard rule is the automatic reading function. The automatic reading function replaces the user when the hand is less than 11 and does not move with a hand greater than 12.

In addition to the main bet, Speed Blackjack offers two standard side bets: the perfect pair and the 21+3. 바카라사이트 While the first one pays up to 25:1, the latter can earn you up to 100:1. If there is no free space on the table, the Bet Back option allows you to play behind the participants.

Speed Blackjack Rules

Here are the basic rules for Speed Blackjack:

The game is played with eight decks

Vegas rules: the dealer gets two cards

If the dealer has a 10, Jack,Queen, King or an Ace, the blackjack will be checked.

All pairs can be split

The split Aces gets a card

Blackjack win pays 3:2, taking Insurance and winning pays 2:1

Insurance isn’t possible until the dealer pulls out an ace.

Automatic action is activated for players who haven’t placed a bet in seven seconds.

Activate automatic hits in hands under 11.

12 or more automatically turn on when the player has timeout

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