The best strategies for Monopoly Live

It is not difficult to know why the strategy with the lowest volatility has the largest RTP. However, players are more interested in large-scale bonus games because they want to go to casinos to win and win more. At the same time, the premium sector has a low rate of decline, so just putting money on them, you will quickly lose money and completely lose money. Accordingly, it is appropriate to bet on the bonus category diluted by betting on the index, keeping the game longer and eventually entering the bonus game. 카지노사이트

Monopoly Live is a game that relatively adapts to various combinations of probability and risk. Choose the strategy according to your preference. With regular wins, they try to run longer or to win big, but the probability of failure is higher.

We can differentiate at least six major strategies for Monopoly Live. The focus of this strategy is summarized by the fact that partial elimination of bets in zones 2 and 4 and placement in the digital zone and volatility adjustment.

Suppose you start with 1000 euros and walk 10 euros per round. In this case, the optimal strategy is as follows:

Minimum variability – 2 roles (1.501), 4 roles (1.501), 2 multiplied (4.004), and 1 multiplied (3.003);
Less variation – 2 roles (22.00), 4 roles (22.00), 2 multiplied (3.00); 1 multiplied (33.00);
Average variability – 2 roles (3.00), 4 roles (2.00), sector 5 (2.00), sector 2 (3.00);
High variability from medium to high – 2 roles (4.00), 4 roles (4.00), sector 10 (1.00), sector 2 (1.00);
High variability – 2 roles (5.003), 4 roles (3.003), sector 10 (2.002);
Very high variability – 2 roles (5.005) and 4 roles (5.005).

Another tip for Monopoly Live

As the regular bonus game zone, you can also bet on zone 2 as insurance for the first betting zone. In this case, after each loss, deduce with the Martin Gale system to increase the number of bets for sector 2. If you win, you can return all the money you lost before and go back to the original bet. So you can win the bonus game for free, but the risk here is like Martin Gale. Sooner or later, there will be a time when the game limit will no longer be enough to make new bets. Otherwise, you simply run out of money due to consecutive failures.
Don’t bet on rolls 2 and 4. Starting to raise bets on bonus games to make up for earlier losses, Monopoly Live games can quickly lose control.
You can see the results of many previous rounds in the lower-right corner of the game screen. You may feel like there’s a pattern, but the outcome of each next round is completely random, so this knowledge doesn’t help the strategy.
A far more important aspect than the strategy itself in Monopoly Live or other casinos is responsible gambling. Absolutely don’t lose more than you can afford and don’t pursue those losses.
Casino bonuses can significantly increase your profits in the early stages. Please check the bonus rule including the allowed game and the betting rate. Not all casinos allow bonuses in real-time games or gambling on gambling requirements.

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