History and evolution of gambling — From dice to mobile gaming

Gambling is almost as old as civilization itself, but it is difficult to find its roots as it precedes written history. There is also a theory that there was gambling around 3000 B.C., because the dice of that period were discovered. That said, dice have also been used in astralomancy, a form of fortune-telling or fortune-telling that relies on dice made of knuckle bones. 카지노사이트 So, if you’ve ever wondered why the word “roll a bone” means rolling a die, know that bone was used to make a die. It would be interesting to see the path that led us all the way here these days because we bet and gamble without using physical dice.

Lottery Games in Ancient China
One of the oldest evidence of gambling comes from ancient China. Archaeologists have discovered tiles that appear to have been used in an accidental game. This theory is supported by a Chinese songbook, which has been discovered in references suggesting that it was a form of lottery games. In addition, there are suggestions that the lottery was used to fund national development and construction, including the Great Wall.

Card game
Another form of luck-based games from China is cards. In fact, many scholars agree that the first cards can be traced back to China in the 9th century. Unfortunately, game rules are unknown and have disappeared in the hour of the sand, but they are believed to be closer to the card game rules played by children today.

Casinos in Italy
Although there have been gambling houses since before the 17th century, it is widely believed that they were used to bet on animal fights. The first casino was built in Venice in 1638, and its name was Lidoto. This was a significant step forward, considered to be the first place where gambling was controlled. The mobile online casino real money games we have today would not be possible without regulations made in the 17th century. The casinos were so popular that during the 19th century they began to appear all over Europe.

Slot Machine
Slot machines are widely popular today, and casinos have large rooms exclusively for these machines. It is no surprise that the machine was popular from its inception, as all slot games are based on the original model, Liberty Bell, basically. The machine was invented by Charles Pay, a San Francisco auto mechanic, which allowed the winnings to be accurately controlled from scratch.

It’s worth noting that it wasn’t the first gambling machine because the device appeared a few years ago and was developed by Pitt and Sitman in New York. It consisted of a drum reel with 52 cards, and was used to play a kind of poker game.

Online gambling
But the first step from a real casino to a digital casino took place in 1994, and the Internet access we had at that time prevented us from growing our user base as quickly as we do today. Micro-game and casino game developers, known as one of the biggest slots, were among the first to venture into the digital realm and chart a path for other providers. In just five years, the value of online casino games has exceeded billions of dollars, and today they are even more valuable.

Mobile gambling
With the widespread popularity of smartphones, mobile gambling was the next logical step in evolution. Today, there are far more Internet users than there were 20 years ago, and many of them browse the web over the phone. As New Jersey legalized online gambling in 2011, other states began to follow in their footsteps, and interest in online mobile gambling surged.

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