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  • Its Andy Murray and John Isner in US Open Tennis

    ‘Veteran’ Murray and Isner, US Open Tennis Round 1 Victory Chorus The oldest woman, 43-year-old Williams, was eliminated in the first round… “Retirement? Why ask?” Alkaras Medvedev, etc. Cruise in the 2nd round of winning candidates Murray & Isner Andy Murray (37th, UK), who overcame a hip joint injury, and John Isner (157th, USA), who […]

  • The US Open Wrapped Up in the Smell of Marijuana

    The US Open wrapped up in the smell of marijuana… “I thought it was Snoop Dogg’s living room” It flows from Court 17 near the park… New York State to Legalize Cannabis in 2021 US Open The organizers of the US Open, the four major tennis tournaments, are struggling with the ‘smell of marijuana’. The […]